Trinity Elder Law - November 2019

The Little Things Peace of Mind Post T hanksgiving is a time to recognize how much our families mean to us, and for many of us with older relatives, the holiday is an excellent time to check in and see how they’re doing. The Still, her forgetting to mention what to do with the turkey way wasn’t the only thing that notified us that she was slowing down. As it turns, the year of the “turkey incident” would be the last Thanksgiving she was home. The next Thanksgiving would be SIGNS YOUR LOVED ONES MAY NEED HELP NOVEMBER 2019

spent in the hospital, recovering from a fall just three weeks prior to the holiday, after she tripped on her oxygen cord. These signs were small, and while everyone forgets something here or there, things like forgetting to turn off the stove or take medications may be clear signs that they need additional assistance. If you still suspect something, their hygiene is a good indicator as well.

signs they need help may be small, like needing help lifting something or needing to be reminded about things. For my grandmother, we first saw the signs in the kitchen. When I was a kid, she was in charge of Thanksgiving, and with 20–30 people in attendance, it was her time to shine. My job in the kitchen was drying the silver and china, but as I got older, I was in charge of stirring the gravy! But my favorite part was always making the roasted chestnut stuffing. Every fall, we would gather chestnuts from the farm’s chestnut tree, soak them, and peel them for the stuffing.

“The signs they need help may be small, like needing help lifting something or needing to be reminded about things.

The last Thanksgiving we had with her at home, I helped prepare the turkey. My grandmother was shorter, and it was getting difficult for her to lift things. By this point, she was also

When someone is aging, it may become difficult to bathe and keep up with basic hygiene, so some start going days at a time without bathing. Next time you visit your loved ones, take note of how clean they and their living space are. If you see cuts or scrapes on their arms or legs, they could be indications they have fallen and don’t want to talk about it. When you start seeing these signs, think of gentle ways to start a conversation, as they could quickly become defensive on the subject. If you can, it’s a great idea to contact their doctor. If they’re making their regular checkups, ask the doctor to ask them additional questions. This Thanksgiving, appreciate the time you have with loved ones and keep an eye for the little signs they may need more help. Have a pleasant Thanksgiving, everyone!

permanently tethered to her oxygen tank, making navigating the house potentially dangerous. While I was her right-hand woman in the kitchen, I still had plenty to learn, especially in the turkey department. When I was placing the turkey in the oven, I had no idea there was a certain way to turn it, so it baked upside down the entire time. When I went to carve it, nothing happened, as I was unknowingly hacking at its rib cage! My poor grandmother tried to teach me, but it was too late!



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