2828 Aldrich Ave S Unit 101 - Digital Brochure $449,000

City of Minneapolis Truth in Sale of Housing CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL

Curtis W Fentress 2828 ALDRICH AVE S #101 Minneapolis, MN 55408

Address Evaluated:

2828 ALDRICH AVE S #101

Issued To: Issued Date:

October 12, 2017 20175729 October 12, 2017 October 12, 2019 Curtis W Fentress

Certificate Expires: Report Date: Report Number:

This is to certify that the above mentioned address has been inspected pursuant to Minneapolis City Ordinance 248 and that any repairs required per Minneapolis City Ordinance 248 as amended December 23, 2005 have been repaired or replaced as required. The Truth-in-Sale-of-Housing Disclosure Report, subsequent inspections and issuance of this certificate are not guarantees or warranties to any individual buyer, seller or renter regarding the condition of the dwelling; nor is the evaluation report, inspection(s) or certificate intended for the special benefit of any individual. The City of Minneapolis does not assume any responsibility or liability in connection with the inspection addressed herein or in connection with the issuance of this Certificate of Approval

Issued by the Department of Regulatory Services, Truth in Sales of Housing section.


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