2828 Aldrich Ave S Unit 101 - Digital Brochure $449,000

Current Owner Name: 2828 ALDRICH AVE S #101 Minneapolis, MN Address: NOTICE - Read Entire Report Carefully. This is not a Buyer's Inspection! Truth in Sale of Housing Disclosure Report Curtis W Fentress

Curtis W Fentress

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2828 ALDRICH AVE S #101 Minneapolis, MN 55408


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I declare to the best of my knowledge the following information: This property has had environmental testing, removal, or remediation of environmental contamination by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, other governmental agency, or under the direction of such agency: Yes / No

Water Damage to Property: flood damage sewer backup water seepage If yes, the seller shall provide the testing, removal, or remediation results to the buyer. Please Describe:

Age of Roof:

Condition of Roof:

Poor Fair Good Excellent

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Patched: Yes / No

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Observed Number of Units: Zoning: Building Type: Townhouse


Present Occupancy: City Reference as: 1



No Condemnation Status: Housing Orders:


Reason: NA

I hereby certify that this report is made in compliance with the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, Chapter 248, and that I utilized care and diligence reasonable and ordinary for one meeting the Certification Standards. The report covers only those problems listed and reasonably visible at the time of my evaluation and does not warrant future useful life of any house component or fixture. I have included all required information pages with this report. Evaluator Name: Don Hedquist 10/12/2017 Evaluation Date: Signature: Don Hedquist 20175729 Evaluation #: 952-941-2773 Phone: 6. The seller is required to provide the disclosure information in the box above. If this is not filled out, buyers are advised to request the seller to do so. 7. This report is valid for two years from the date of issue and only for the owner named on the report. It is required for all single-family homes, duplexes, townhouses or 1 st time condominium conversions offered for sale. 8. Any questions regarding this report should be directed to the evaluator whose name and phone number appear below. Any complaints regarding this report should be directed to Truth in Housing at (612) 673-5840, Minneapolis Inspections Division, 250 South 4 th Street #300, Minneapolis, MN 55415. 1. This report offers a limited overview of the building components and fixtures and is not technically extensive. Prospective buyers may want to seek additional opinions from various experts in the inspections field prior to purchase. This report is not a warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, by the City of Minneapolis or by the evaluator or of any building component or fixture. Further, the buyer may want to seek additional information regarding any open permits. For 1 st time condominium units, this report includes only those items located within the residential units. The Professional Opinion covers those items in the common areas of the building. 2. The buyer must repair all items marked Repair/Replace, unless the seller agrees to do the repairs. The seller is not required to complete the RR’s if the property does not sell. All required Repair/Replace items are enforceable by Minneapolis Ordinance Chapter 248 and/or 250. All other items will not be used by the Inspections Division as a basis for enforcing Minneapolis ordinances. 3. The ordinance requires that no person shall exhibit or show a dwelling for sale without first having obtained an official Evaluation Report and places the responsibility on the seller or agent to make sure that this report (and in the case of 1 st time condo conversions, the Professional Opinion,) is publicly displayed on the premises at all times when the house is shown to prospective buyers. Also, the seller or agent must give a copy of this report (and Professional Opinion for 1 st time condo conversions) to the buyer prior to the signing of a Purchase Agreement, or as otherwise required in Minneapolis Ordinance Chapter 248 and/or 250. 4. This report covers only those items listed on the form. The evaluator is not required to ignite the heating plant, use a ladder to observe the condition of the roofing, evaluate inaccessible or concealed areas or disassemble items. This report does not address formaldehyde, lead paint, any airborne gasses (including radon), asbestos, wood stoves, fireplaces or air conditioners. Gas inserts in fireplaces WILL be evaluated. 5. This report is not an FHA, VA or Section 8 inspection. This report is not a code compliance inspection. It is not an appraisal. This report may be based upon different standards than the lender, FHA or VA.


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