2828 Aldrich Ave S Unit 101 - Digital Brochure $449,000

Truth in Sale of Housing Disclosure Report Address: 2828 ALDRICH AVE S #101 Minneapolis, MN



:=Meets Minimum Requirements




:=Not Applicable/Does Not Apply

B :=Below Minimum Requirements


:=Suggested Correction


:=Repair/Replace, Evaluator Verification Required


:=Repair/Replace, Permit/City Inspector Required

LIC :=Safety Check, Licensed Contractor Required

Each item may have more than one code. Items marked “RRE” or “RRP” indicate that the item must be repaired or replaced within 90 days of closing. Items marked “LIC” require a licensed contractor to evaluate the safety of the item and may or may not require a repair. Buyer must sign acknowledgment of responsibility agreement unless a Certificate of Approval (COA) has been issued to seller. If the house doesn’t sell, the seller does not have to do the repairs. See attached handout on the "MOST COMMON REPAIRS".


1. Basement Stairs/Railings

B, Below Minimum Requirements: - The top step isn't the same height.

2. Basement Floors

M, Meets Minimum Requirements

3. Foundation Walls

M, Meets Minimum Requirements

4. Evidence of Dampness or Staining

M, Meets Minimum Requirements

5. First Floor, Floor System

M, Meets Minimum Requirements

6. Columns & Beams

M, Meets Minimum Requirements

7. Basement Sleeping Rooms

C, There are no basement bedrooms.

8. Basement Plumbing Fixtures

NA, Not Applicable/Does Not Apply

9. Sump Pumps

NA, Not Applicable/Does Not Apply

10. Smoke Detectors / CO Detectors M, Meets Minimum Requirements 11. Basement Electrical Outlets/Fixtures M, Meets Minimum Requirements Electric

Amps 125 : Volts 230 :

12. Electrical service installation

M, Meets Minimum Requirements 13. Separate 20-amp Kitchen Circuit indexed at Service Panel M, Meets Minimum Requirements 14. Separate 20-amp Laundry Circuit indexed at Service Panel M, Meets Minimum Requirements

Evaluator Name: Evaluation #: 20175729

Don Hedquist

Evaluation Date: 10/12/2017

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