2828 Aldrich Ave S Unit 101 - Digital Brochure $449,000

Truth in Sale of Housing Disclosure Report Address: 2828 ALDRICH AVE S #101 Minneapolis, MN

Truth in Housing Repair Notification City of Minneapolis-Inspections Division Truth in Sale of Housing, 250 South 4th Street, Room 300 Minneapolis, MN 55415

Issued To:


Curtis W Fentress 2828 ALDRICH AVE S #101 Minneapolis, MN 55408

Owner does not have to complete repairs if the house is not sold. Pursuant to Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, Sections 248.20 and 248.225, the owner may make the repairs. If the owner makes the repairs, a Certificate of Approval (needed for closing) will be issued after the repairs have been inspected and approved. The owner does not have to complete the repairs if the house does not sell. If the owner does not make the repairs, the buyer must sign an acknowledgement of responsibility form (provided by the City) and return it to the City. The buyer has 90 days from closing to complete the repairs. Your prompt cooperation in attending to the repair items is appreciated however, failure to comply by these deadlines may result in legal action.



SAFETY CHECKS The systems listed below must be checked by a licensed contractor. The contractor must be licensed by the City of Minneapolis and/or the State of Minnesota in that specific trade to check the work. Return safety check forms to the address above or fax to (612) 673-2437. If “Evaluator Return” is indicated below, the evaluator may return to view he system that was not in operation at the time of the initial evaluation. The evaluator may find additional work is needed on the system. If the system was repaired or replaced, only a licensed contractor (not the evaluator) can do the safety check. Permits may be needed.


PERMIT REQUIRED REPAIR The permit must be pulled before scheduling. Call the inspector listed on the permit to set an appointment. You need to have the permit number to set the appointment. There will be a charge for the permit, which covers the inspection.


Reinspection Process When all the items are completed they must be inspected and approved. For items that need a permit:

If your notification indicates PERMIT NEEDED, the permit(s) must be pulled and work completed BEFORE the re-inspection takes place. If you are a homeowner occupant of a single family house, you may obtain a permit, if you are not, you must hire a licensed contractor. Bring this notification with you when you apply for permits. For items that do not need a permit: Call the evaluator who did the initial TISH report to re-inspect all the non-permit items. The evaluator’s name and phone number are on the bottom of page 1 of the report. There will be a charge for this inspection. Appeal This repair notice may be appealed. Section 248.150 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances provides that an appeal must be filed in writing within thirty (30) days of the date of this notice accompanied with a $100 filing fee. If you wish to appeal this order, call (612) 673-5840 for an application. Assistance

Evaluator Name: Evaluation #: 20175729

Don Hedquist

Evaluation Date: 10/12/2017

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