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Leveraging the power of essential oils

The vast majority of essential oil sales come primarily from word-of-mouth advertising. You don’t have to be an expert to talk about essential oils; you just have to share what you enjoy. Here are three simple steps to get you started.

2  Learn more online. Visit the “Discover more” section of each oil on eu.melaleuca.com to learn more about all the different oils and accessories available. Be sure to check the Essential Oils FAQ for answers to the most common questions customers have. 3  Incorporate PURE Essential Oils into your Melaleuca Overview. Make sure you have some oils at your Melaleuca Overview so your customers can experience them firsthand. You can also diffuse oils during your Overview. “My diffuser travels with me to every Overview,” Yvette says. “It creates an aromatic experience right when people get there. And I bring all my oils. People love to smell them. They get really excited.”

1  Start using them in your home.

If you want to start building your business with PURE Essential Oils , the first place to start is in your own home. See the chart on the following page for ideas on how to use oils in your home. Find out which oils you like best and share your experiences with your friends. A good place to start is the PURE Essentials 4-Pack , which gives you four of the most popular oils at a discounted savings.

Discover the power of essential oils The essential oil industry is experiencing exponential growth. Already a multibillion dollar industry, Grand View Research* forecast that essential oil revenues would triple between 2012 and 2022. So it’s no surprise that when Melaleuca launched PURE Essential Oils in 2015 in the US, they saw overwhelming demand for the product. Millions of bottles were sold in the first year alone! It’s just one of the many reasons Melaleuca has seen such phenomenal growth and retention over the last two years.

“My diffuser travels with me to every Overview.” — National Director 4 Yvette Zona

A natural fit The essential oil market is a natural fit for Melaleuca. After all, when Melaleuca opened their doors more than 30 years ago, their flagship product was Melaleuca Oil. Since they have met the world standard with T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil for over 30 years, it only made sense to apply their expertise to a wider range of essential oils.

retention. On average, customers who purchase essential oils order seven more Product Points per month when compared to those who don’t purchase essential oils. And customers who purchase an essential oil diffuser have double the rate of retention when compared to customers who did not purchase a diffuser. (along US statistics)

available, they’re also offered at a significant cost savings. Melaleuca saves customers like you over $1 million every month (US) compared to the competitors’ prices. An easy way to increase volume In addition to being in high demand, essential oils have also been shown to increase customer order size and month-to-month

So the question now becomes, what can you do to leverage the high demand of essential oils to help you build your business?

Melaleuca’s PURE Essential Oils are not only the highest quality

*Grand View Research, Inc. is an US based market research and consulting company.

Using Essential Oils in Your Home

Here are some ways to use essential oils in every room of your house.


Add 3–6 drops of essential oil to the cardboard tube inside your toilet paper roll to help combat bathroom odours. Keep your shower fresh by spraying it with a mixture of 5 drops of PURE Eucalyptus , 5 drops of Melaleuca Oil, and 473 ml of water. Turn your shower into an invigorating diffuser by adding 5–10 drops of refreshing PURE Orange or clearing Vapor to the corners of your shower before you start the water.

The right scent can trigger a flood of memories, influence your mood, and even create a focused work environment.


Place 3–5 drops of PURE Lavender or Peppermint on each PURE Dryer Ball before placing them in dryer. Use four dryer balls for regular loads. Reduce as needed for smaller loads.


Use PURE Lemon Oil to remove sticky residue from surfaces. You can also add a few drops to your Lemon Brite Hand Dishwashing Liquid for extra grease-cutting power. Deodorize your fridge after cleaning by wiping the inside with a solution of water and several drops of PURE Grapefruit . Diffuse PURE Lavender or Lemon for a cleansing aroma.


Make a simple linen spray with 5–8 drops of PURE Lavender and 60 ml of water in a mini spray bottle. Diffuse the Peace Tranquility Blend in your bedroom at night before bedtime. Mix your own natural perfume with PURE Grapefruit , Rose , and Ylang-Ylang .


Make your own potpourri with dried flowers or herbs and several drops of essential oils. Liven up silk flower arrangements with several drops of PURE Rose , Ylang-Ylang , or any essential oil of your choice. Create a warm, welcoming environment by diffusing PURE Cinnamon Bark , Orange , and Clove. You can also try any of the PURE seasonal blends.

Start Today Melaleuca’s PURE Essential Oils are defined by their uncompromising quality,

purity, and aromatic excellence. Once your

customers try them, they will easily see the benefits.

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