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Beware the Big-Box Attorney Why We’ll Never Be a ‘Churn and Burn’ Firm

In big cities like Atlanta, it seems like lawyer’s faces are grinning at you from every possible corner. They’re blown up on massive billboards (along the most dangerous sections of the highway), on the sides of buses, and inside trains, usually accompanied by some catchy slogan or urgent question to get their name stuck in your head. It’s an aggressive — and admittedly, effective — tactic that many big-box attorneys use to lure in clients. They’re banking on the hope that, in the midst of so many virtually identical lawyers, car accident victims will call up the you’ve been the victim of an accident and are stressed out, it might make sense to take what you see as the easiest approach and pick a firm whose name you recognize from a billboard. But while selecting your attorney based on an ad you saw on the side of the road may be simple, it’s likely to cost you big in the long run. By and large, the kinds of firms that advertise on daytime TV or billboards are massive “churn and burn” operations, impersonally cranking out as many cases as they can with rapid speed. These larger big-box firms are much more likely to put their interests above your own, seeing you not as a person but as a number. If you really want to get the entirety of the compensation you need and deserve in order to address your injury, you should consider looking elsewhere.

Of course, when you’re hurting, you’re likely to seek out the lawyer who can put a settlement check in your hands as soon as possible. And it’s true that some of those lawyers on the billboards, promising “lightning- quick resolutions,” can rush you through the process. But these firms that depend on a large volume of cases

are much more likely to settle for less than what you truly deserve, eager to get the case over and done with and shuffle you out the door. And unfortunately, you may not realize your meager settlement can’t cover all your medical bills until years later, when the payments suddenly stop coming. At Angell Law Firm, we pride ourselves on getting every penny our clients deserve. We get to know the people we serve on a meaningful level so we can dig into your case and pursue every possible avenue for the recovery of compensation. We also use a software platform we developed in-house; it pulls data from personal injury cases across the state to determine insurance trends and

pinpoint the highest valuation of a case in any situation.

We see our clients as who you are: victims of terrible injuries who are just seeking to be made financially whole again. Our goal is to get you the compensation you need in order to focus on your recovery, but we won’t make impossible promises about a 24-hour

turnaround or bombard you with catchy slogans all over town. Instead, we’ll focus on what really matters: you and your case.

—Bryce Angell

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