EMJ Construction - Industrial Brochure

Chattanooga Whiskey Co. Chattanooga, Tenn.

While reviewing plans, our team took note of a large, 6-inch pipe designed to supply the process water. Through research, our team learned that replacing the 6-inch service with a 4-inch service would slightly reduce the project cost upfront, but provide significant savings to the company’s monthly sewer bill. Now implemented, the modification saves the client approximately $2,500 per month on sewer fees and will save the client nearly $1 million over the facility’s lifespan.

EMJ assisted Chattanooga Whiskey Co. in repurposing a former car dealership into a modern, full-scale distillery and barrel storage facility. The company’s new home includes production space, offices, event areas and storage for over 4,000 barrels of bourbon whiskey.

Volkswagen Training Center Chattanooga, Tenn. EMJ constructed the automotive training facility located next to Volkswagen Chattanooga Assembly Plant. The facility includes learning laboratories and simulated production lines, blending manufacturing with education. The structure meets both the tolerances of assembly line specifications and the environmental requirements of a learning academy. The project was completed within 7 months, allowing for more than 2,000 employees to begin training.


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