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Delivering Opportunity: SIEDC


As real estate professionals, economic, business, and sustainable development is key. Since 1993, the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC) has been a major advocate for many forms of development on Staten Island. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, SIEDC’s mission is to “enhance Staten Island’s economy by promoting public and private investment and encouraging responsible and sustainable development, all of which improve the quality of life and provide broad and diverse employment opportunities in the borough.” Its CEO, Cesar Claro, is a seasoned professional, dedicated to enhancing Staten Island and providing opportunities for improvement.

need help with government agencies, need assistance with permits, or are hiring new employees, we provide free services.

We also offer a membership, similar to a chamber of commerce, and for differing fees, we provide different levels of promotion. We are also involved in a lot of projects, including infrastructure and a light rail. We are hoping to build a park, known as the Skyway, on an abandoned rail line, similar to the highline in Manhattan. We are starting to explore the world of solar power and sustainable energy to deliver a variety of possibilities in the near future. We project that green energy will be a big part of the future. At SIEDC, we also facilitate many events, including health expos, business conferences, and networking events to help business professionals connect on a professional level. It’s a very satisfying feeling to see a project through from start to finish. Whether it’s an event that we created just out of a simple idea or if we’re helping a business professional complete a project on both small and large scales, it’s gratifying once the project is complete. Helping others and our city is remarkable, especially seeing the transformations that take place up close and personal. The reality is that on Staten Island, we need help. As we do our best to navigate the pandemic, unemployment is hovering around 10%, and we haven’t had the greatest COVID-19 recovery. Most of all, we need more public investment, infrastructure, and larger-scale projects centered around transportation, new real estate development, or highways to jump-start the economy. I am positive about our future and excited for all that 2022 has to offer and the many projects that will take off in the new year! Happy holidays and happy New Year!

I am proud to say that my job is both fulfilling and impactful. Years ago, I worked in economic development in Brooklyn. When my family and I moved to Staten Island, a friend alerted me that a job had opened up at SIEDC, and I interviewed. Now, after 25 years, here I am!

In every borough in New York City, there is an economic development corporation, or EDC, and each is independent

Transportation Projects

Business Improvement Districts & Merchant Organizations

Solar Energy Projects

and nonprofit. The SIEDC aims to seek

Industrial Business Zones

Downtown Revitalization Initiative

funding from all levels of government — city, state, and federal — in the form of membership money, sponsorship funds, and foundation funding. We then utilize that money to provide business services on Staten Island. Simply put, if any business or entity is interested in moving or expanding, they seek the help of a trusted and reliable real estate firm, such as Merlino & Gonzalez, as well as come to us for assistance. Whether they are looking for land, are searching for tax incentives, Staten Island Economic Development Corporation Service Footprint

–Cesar Claro



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