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Get Up, Stand Up Experts Recommend 2–4 Hours of Standing During the Workday

That old R.E.M. song was right. You should stand in the place where you work. And now, according to research, you should do so “for about two to four hours a day.” A new consensus statement from a panel of international experts— published in the BMJ — has established that desk- bound workers should stand at least two hours per workday, moving toward the goal of four hours standing for optimum health. The recommendations were developed in response to multiple studies, drawing on a large body of evidence that has established the negative health effects of prolonged sitting, which media coverage has sometimes dubbed “the new smoking.” The authors are careful to point out that they’re not simply talking about sitting all day versus standing all day. They offer recommendations on how light physical activity should be incorporated throughout the workday. Workers should also remember that it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition. “Similar to the risks of prolonged static seated positions, so too should prolonged static standing postures be avoided; movement does need to be checked and corrected on a regular basis.”

Though they recommend the use of adjustable sit-stand desks and say that further study may galvanize the need for more changes in the workplace, they warn that sedentary work habits probably won’t be altered by new furniture alone. Instead, they argue for a sea change in the work world, wherein businesses actively facilitate and encourage physical activity for their employees. At any rate, there is a clear need for comprehensive, wide-reaching programs aimed at improving everyday health while at work. Until those wide-reaching changes make it to your office, though, it’s probably a good idea to stretch those legs every once in a while. After all, you spend most of your time at your office. You might as well make it good for you!

Summer Have a Laugh!

Ingredients Crab Roll

2 soft rolls, split down the center like hot dog buns Green leaf lettuce leaves (for serving) Freshly ground white pepper

8 ounces fresh or canned crabmeat 2 tablespoons mayonnaise

• • •

Kosher salt

2 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature


1. Mix crab and mayonnaise in a small bowl and season with salt. 2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. 3. Butter opening of buns and cook until golden, about 2 minutes per side. 4. Place a large leaf of lettuce in each bun. 5. Add crabmeat mixture and season with pepper. 6. Enjoy! Recipe inspired by


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