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May 2023

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looking back, moving forward

The Rise of Stardom

Stardom and Hollywood are inextricably linked in modern American culture. Located just northwest of downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood has been the epicenter of the American film industry for more than a century. Like most places, Hollywood has changed over time, and its progress has not always been linear. The history of Hollywood as a community is indicative of the very industry it represents in that it speaks of the importance of connection and development. Three years after Los Angeles was incorporated the first structure was erected in what would later be known as Hollywood, but it wouldn’t be for another 30 years until the area was laid out for larger develop- ment. The first plan for the area came in 1887 when Harvey Wilcox–a prohibitionist from Kansas–laid the area out as a real-estate subdivision. In subsequent years, real estate developers such as H.J. Whitley made significant investments in the area, turning it into a wealthy residential neighborhood. 17 years after the area was laid out, it had grown into a bustling community complete with a hotel, post office, and news - paper. In 1803, the population voted to incorporate Hollywood as a municipality, and it was incorporated the following year in 1804. Despite an immediate boom, the future growth of Hollywood was hampered by the local terrain. Its location between the Santa Monica Mountains and Beverly Hills meant that transportation to the newly established community was limited. At the turn of the 20th century, Hollywood and Los Angeles were separated by almost ten miles of farms, groves, and vineyards. This made travel between the two com- munities difficult, and infrequent transportation made the arduous journey last up to two hours. Addition - ally, despite the area having state-of-the-art telephone, gas, and electric utilities, the future growth of the community was severely limited by inadequate access to water. Around this time, the motion picture industry began to establish itself in the then-isolated suburb. In 1908, the Selig Polyscope Company made the decision to move locations for their production of the Count of Monte Cristo . Moving from Chicago, the production selected Hollywood as the place to finish their film. Soon after, film studios began to appear in Hollywood, and, by 1915, it had become the center of the American film industry. With a rise in industry and the population to support it, the leaders of Hollywood had to search for solutions to their lack of critical infrastructure. At the same time t he Count of Monte Cristo was finishing its production, the City of Los Angeles be - gan construction on the Los Angeles Viaduct. This massive infrastructure project–requiring nearly 4,000 workers–was designed to greatly improve the city’s water supply through a 215-mile long conduit system consisting of six reservoirs. Seeing a solution to these infrastructure problems, Hollywood residents voted to consolidate with Los Angeles in 1910. This vote granted Hollywood access to the Los Angeles’ water supply and sewer system, which supported its growing population and industry. The Los Angeles Viaduct was completed three years after the consolidation vote, and with it, both Los Angeles and Hollywood began to grow rapidly. By the time of the Great Depression, this consolidation would also prove to benefit Los Angeles, as the money generated from the film industry shielded the city from the worst financial effects of the era. And, in the time since, the vast network of groves and vineyards that separated the two communities gave way to a network of streets, highways, homes, and businesses. Likewise, the Los Angeles Viaduct has also expanded, with a new portion completed in 1970. What remains unchanged, however, is Hollywood’s position as the center for the film industry in the Unit - ed States. From the modern perspective, this position is unquestioned, but this ubiquity lies at the heart of the common misconception that stars are born that way. In reality, stars need to be supported, cultivated, and empowered to shine to their true potential. Like Hollywood itself, a star needs infrastructure and support to achieve its highest potential and rise above the others. What started as an idea from a Kansas prohibitionist to form a community based on his religious beliefs has changed over time into a center for culture and industry, which has, in turn, influenced not only the development of greater Los Angeles but also the fabric of American culture.

Luke Carothers

LUKE CAROTHERS is the Editor for Civil + Structural Engineer Media. If you want us to cover your project or want to feature your own article, he can be reached at lcarothers@zweiggroup.com.



May 2023

Industry insights

Justin Smith Cultivating unicorns

periences that shaped them into the people they are today. This is not surprising. If neither our firms nor conventional project management training is focused on developing these skills, who is? As artificial intelligence continues to automate mundane and repeti - tive tasks, the importance of interpersonal effectiveness and leader- ship will become even more vital. To gain a strategic advantage in this evolving landscape, firms should prioritize leadership develop - ment for project managers. To nurture your own “unicorns,” consider incorporating interpersonal skills as core competencies for your project managers. Four key areas of focus include: 1. Communication. Develop skills of information gathering, curious questioning, distribution, expectation setting, and high-level briefing to improve communication within the team. 2. Feedback. Train project managers to ask for and provide effective feedback, and then develop and incorporate actionable strategies to im- prove based on this input. 3. Facilitation. Develop the ability to guide discussions, resolve con- flicts, and engage stakeholders in a collaborative manner. 4. Adaptability. Encourage project managers to embrace flexibility and adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring projects remain on track despite unforeseen challenges. By concentrating on these areas, you can develop skilled technical pro- fessionals who also excel in interpersonal relationships. A systematic approach to cultivating these “unicorns” within your organization can lead to increased success and a stronger competitive edge. In conclusion, instead of waiting for the perfect project manager to appear, invest in developing these highly sought-after professionals within your organization. By focusing on interpersonal skills and lead- ership, you can create the “unicorns” needed to propel your firm’s suc - cess in an ever-changing industry. And once you have cultivated these valuable assets, be sure to secure their place in your organization – the industry will undoubtedly want them too. Virtual Project management seminar The need for leadership skills among AEC project managers has never been more critical. This course will help take the guesswork out of leading a project team. It will equip project leaders with practical, science-backed skills so they can empower their teams, optimize their project process, and surpass project goals. Click here to learn more.

Instead of waiting for the perfect project manager to appear, invest in developing these valuable professionals within your firm. In the architecture, engineering, and construction world, locating and landing professionals with the expertise, skills, and abilities to lead projects effectively is an ongoing struggle. These ideal candidates, of- ten referred to as “unicorns,” are elusive but crucial to a firm’s success. While attracting, engaging, and retaining the right project managers is essential, many organizations are not adequately developing these professionals internally. Research has demonstrated that project manager competencies signifi - cantly impact project outcomes, with the leadership skills of the proj- ect manager being best linked to project success. However, traditional project management training often fails to align with the skills that we know our projects and our firms need to be most successful. Based on studies of project manager performance and project performance, only two of the top 15 most referenced knowledge, skill, and ability (KSA) domains are conventional project management characteristics. Of the remaining 13, 11 are interpersonal and two are analytical/technical. Much of conventional project management training is focused on the reverse, with the content being heavily weighted toward scope, sched- ule, and budget. No wonder we struggle to find such a scarce resource in the market. We are focused on the wrong things at the early stages of leadership development. This also aligns well with our research into project management. When asked about the firm-specific training they provide to project managers, the overwhelming majority of survey respondents mention the ability to follow policies and procedures such as time-charging policies, how to open a job number, or proposal preparation, among others. Interestingly, zero of the top 15 most sought after KSAs are “ability to follow policies and procedures” or “time charging policies.” This is not to say that these are not important to firm success. We must do these things and we must do them well, but we should not stop our development at these stages. There is so much more out there to focus on that packs a bigger punch when it comes to the long-term success of your people. When we ask survey respondents to identify the greatest needs for project managers, firms and individuals reply with leadership, personnel management, people management, and communication skills, among others. It is clear from both Zweig Group’s research and the overall body of research into project management that we need more leadership and in- terpersonal skill development to lead projects, not more scope, sched- ule, and budget. We have poor supply-demand fit today as much of conventional project manager development is not focused on the skills best linked to success. In some ways, firms are searching for people that exist in the market only by happenstance, luck, or previous ex-

JUSTIN SMITH, P.E., is an advisor at Zweig Group specializing in project management and leadership development. He can be reached at jsmith@zweiggroup.com.


May 2023


events + virtual Events

May 2023

programme, designed to update Precast and Masonry industry. https://precastexpo.co.uk/

Xponential May 9-11 – Denver, CO

15th International Workshop on Micropiles May 31-June 2 – Vail, CO

XPONENTIAL is a yearly gathering of global leaders and end users in the uncrewed systems and robotics industry. Founded on the belief that cross-pollination drives innovation, it features opportunities to connect and problem-solve with experts across markets and domains. At XPONENTIAL, more than 8,500 of the world’s top experts in autonomous technology come together to change the course of human progress. We’re proud to welcome technologists, users, policymakers, and strategists from over 20 industries and 60 countries. No matter where you fly in from, XPONENTIAL will help you stay competitive and take advantage of immediate opportunities. https://www.xponential.org/xponential2023/Public/Enter.aspx Equip yourself today to meet tomorrow's threats. At AUVSI Defense, military officials from across all branches, federal security personnel, and industry leaders discussed the most critical issues surrounding the integration of uncrewed technologies — including acquisition, global competition, and industry/government collaboration. https://www.auvsi.org/auvsi-defense-2022 AUVSI DEFENSE 2022 May 8-11 – Denver, CO Join thousands of the brightest minds in digital construction to learn, innovate and connect in-person. On 17-18 May 2023 at ExCeL London, DCW will put the spotlight on the tech and tools solving the built environment’s most pressing challenges. See hundreds of expert speakers and inspiring brands all in one place. Register your interest today and be the first to hear about next year’s show. https://www.digitalconstructionweek.com/ As we unlock the potential of geospatial information, it’s more important than ever to connect and collaborate to drive the profession forward. GEO Business 2022 hosted 120 global brands and cutting-edge start- ups showcasing the newest tech, tools and solutions for geospatial. Plus, a CPD accredited education programme with 200 sessions offered everything you need to get up to date with the latest developments. GEO Business is back at ExCeL London on 17-18 May 2023. Register your interest to be the first to know when free registration opens. https://www.geobusinessshow.com/ Digital Construction Week May 17-18 – London GEO Business May 17-28 – London

The workshop provides an opportunity for members to meet, present and exchange data, and share experiences and developments. The program includes technical presentations covering states of practice; advancements of micropile construction, materials, research and development; and educational/promotional activities. The workshop also features the 11th Lizzi Lecture, the 9th Lizzi Scholarship and the 4th World Cup of Micropiles. The technical program chair is Ty Jahn, P.E., Condon-Johnson Associates. https://www.ismicropiles.org/workshops.asp June 2023 We often talk about the future. This conference is where the AEC industry gathers to define it, design it, and connect across industries to build it. Join us in San Francisco—one of the West Coast’s premier destinations—to explore what it means to design a better world now, together. The designed world is getting more complex. A’23 delivers the path forward. Acclaimed architects, designers, building product manufacturers, and allied professionals deliver best-in-class CE. Earn your HSW, GBCI, RIBA & AIA LUs for the year! https://conferenceonarchitecture.com/ AIA Conference June 7-10 – San Francisco, CA The CEO Roundtable Retreat is a unique opportunity for AEC firm leaders to engage and interact with industry peers to discuss current issues facing firms today, explore industry trends and next practices, and confront the biggest challenges they face leading their firms. Zweig Group’s CEO Chad Clinehens, PE, moderates the program guiding group conversations, encouraging integration and networking, and ensuring attendees gain valuable insight, new ideas and tools – and a new network of colleagues – to foster effective leadership at their respective firms. https://zweiggroup.com/products/ceo-roundtable-retreat-1 July 2023 This one-day training course covers the critical focus areas every AEC Industry project manager should be familiar with and is presented in lecture, tutorial, and case study workshop sessions. Attendees will leave armed with a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics, skills, and techniques successful project managers must have to flourish in their role. https://zweiggroup.com/products/project-management-summer-2023 CEO Roundtable June 22-23 – Napa VAlley, CA Project Management for AEC Professionals july 12 – Boise, ID

Precast & Masonry Expo May 18 – Leicester, UK

Following its successful return in 2022, the Precast and Masonry Expo 2023 promises to be an even bigger event! The event will take place on Thursday 18th May 2023 at the exciting venue Leicester Tigers Mattioli Woods. This free exhibition will include an exciting speaker



May 2023

The 24th BIBM Congress will take place in Amsterdam! From the 27th to the 29th of September 2023 the congress will be held in the Dutch capital – the “Venice of the North”. The congress will be under the slogan “Green | Digital | Resilient | Precast Concrete Solutions”. Congress language is English. https://bibmcongress.eu/ October 2023 The CSO Roundtable Retreat is a unique opportunity for AEC firm leaders to engage and interact with industry peers to discuss current issues facing firms today, explore industry trends and next practices, and confront the biggest challenges they face leading their firms. Come prepared to discuss your biggest challenges and successes during this highly interactive session. With you in control of the subject matter, roundtable discussions strike at the heart of what you need to effect change in your organization. https://zweiggroup.com/products/chief-strategy-officer-roundtable November 2023 Chief Strategy Officer Roundtable October 11-13 – Fayetteville, AR This course takes a project-based approach to identifying, dissecting, and solving a series of issues that plague modern AEC firms. Attendees will collaboratively work business cases that focus on leading through uncertainty, recruiting and retention, upskilling staff to close competency gaps within their firms, enhancing client experience to drive higher fees, and staff performance management, among others. https://zweiggroup.com/products/leadership-skills-for-aec- professionals-winter-2023 This is the unmissable global event for the lifting industry; almost 100 exhibitors, over 1,500 industry professionals attending, 2 days of knowledge sharing and training, as well as the celebrated LEEA Awards. The annual event hosted by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, the leading global representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide, is your chance to connect with your customers, meet new clients and do business. The show attracts end users from a wide range of vertical markets, including oil & gas, energy, offshore, road & maritime transport, construction, utilities, rail, renewable energy, civil engineering, entertainment and manufacturing, an more. https://liftex.org/liftex-liverpool-2023 Leadership Skills for AEC Professionals November 2-3 – Nashville, TN LiftEx 2023 November 21-22 – Liverpool

The Principals Academy july 13-14 – Boise, ID

The Principals Academy is Zweig Group’s flagship training program encompassing all aspects of managing a professional AEC service firm. Elevate your ability to lead and grow your firm with this program designed to inspire and inform existing and emerging AEC firm leaders in key areas of firm management leadership, financial management, recruiting, marketing, business development, and project management. Learning and networking at this premiere event challenges traditional seminar formats and integrates participatory idea exchange led by Jamie Claire Kiser, Zweig Group's Managing Principal, Phillip Keil, Zweig Group's Principal and Director of Strategy, as well as the firm’s top line up of advisors. https://zweiggroup.com/products/the-principals-academy- summer-2023 September 2023 Reserve your seat at the table as Zweig Group’s M&A thought leaders share insights and provide deep learning through an interactive experience focused on current and “next” practices in the world of M&A. This highly interactive event is designed to provide M&A education and practical application through interactive roundtable discussions, thought leadership from expert panelists, and focused networking to connect leaders from across the country. You will end the day better M&A next Symposium September 12-13 – Frisco, TX informed about the opportunities for M&A as a growth strategy. www.zweiggroup.com/products/2023-m-a-next-symposium Registration is open for the annual in-person conference in Frisco, September 13-15. The 2023 winners of the Hot Firm list, Best Firms To Work For, Marketing Excellence, Excellence in Client Experience, Rising Stars, Top New Ventures, and the Jerry Allen Courage In Leadership Awards will be celebrated at the iconic black-tie awards gala. www.zweiggroup.com/pages/annual-elevateaec-conference Join SAE and AUVSI, along with industry and government stakeholders, for collaborative discussions to accelerate the evolution to a safe and efficient low-altitude transport system. Engage on the critical topics to realize the potential of UAM, including regulatory outlook, vehicle development and production, operational management, UTM, safety and security. https://www.auvsi.net/bamforum/home ElevateaEC conference & Awards Gala September 13-15 – Frisco, TX Business of Automated Mobility Forum: Flight Path to UAM September 27-28

BIBM Congress September 27-29 – Amsterdam


May 2023


It’s awards season– the time of the year we start honoring and cel- ebrating some of the amazing accomplishments of people and firms in the AEC Industry. There is no better way to start than by recognizing those young professionals who have already made an impact through exceptional technical capability, leadership ability, effective teaching or research, or public service. The 2023 Rising Stars in the AEC Industry have benefited the design profession, their employers, project owners, and society. Our winners this year hold a diverse skill set and technical capabilities and have done outstanding work in their communities. They are already leaders and mentors in their firms, bringing new ideas, practices, and impacts beyond their technical capabilities. They come from all over North America–from Florida to California, from Houston to South Dakota. This year we have everyone from Presidents and Principals of firms to Software engineers. This shows that no matter where you are in a company, you can be a Rising Star in this industry. I also want to take the time to acknowledge all of the people who nomi- nated all of our winners and those who did not win this year. Recogni- tion of a young professional’s accomplishments, skill, leadership, etc. can go a long way in that young professional’s career. The knowledge that there is someone out there who recognizes what they are doing and takes the time to nominate them for an award like this is very important. I would encourage everyone to try to think of that young professional in your firm that deserves this type of credit. Letting the next generation of leaders know that their work is getting noticed is not only good for their career but can be very helpful for the long term success of your firm.

Through our awards program, we also recognize revenue growth with our Hot Firm List. We recognize outstanding marketing through our Marketing Excellence Awards. We recognize those who are showing courageous leadership with our highest professional honor, The Jerry Allen Courage In Leadership Award. We honor those new firms who are already making an impact with our Top New Venture Award. And we honor those firms impacting their employee’s live by creating great workplaces with our Best Firms To Work For award. We will be announcing and celebrating these winners over the next few months culminating with our awards celebrations at the 2023 Elevate AEC Conference in Frisco, TX, September 13-15. Zweig Group’s Awards are at the center of one of the five tenets of our vision, Elevate the Industry; that tenant is “Celebrate.” There is so much good that this industry brings to the built environment and to the lives of the people who work in it. We want to celebrate the firms, people, and accomplishments of the AEC Industry. These awards give the winning firms and people the recognition that they deserve in an industry that is often overlooked by society. The winners of our awards truly do help to elevate the industry as a whole. Celebrate your success, celebrate your accomplishments, celebrate your employees, and help Zweig Group Elevate the Industry .

KYLE AHERN is the Awards Manager at Zweig Group. He can be reached at kahern@zweiggroup.com.



May 2023

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Principal-in-Charge, Structural Engineering WT Group Hoffman Estates, IL

Stephen Dominguez has built his career in the AEC industry on the foundations of project design, management, and professional development. Dominguez has led or participated in over 300 diverse projects, several of which have won prestigious industry awards. This level of experience has distinguished Dominguez as a key contributor to WT Group’s reputation and effectiveness in meeting the needs and expectations of clients across the United States. Accomplishments/Projects: Bode Hotel, Senior Project Engineer and Project Manager–Palm Springs, CA; Alsip Park District Education Center, Project Man - ager–Alsip, IL; Pacifica Riverview, Principal-in-Charge and Engineer of Record– Aurora, IL Education: BS in Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professional/Public Service: American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), member; American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), member; American Con - crete Institute (ACI), member; American Wood Council (AWC), member

Stephen Dominguez, PE, SE

Associate Director of Transportation Ulteig Englewood, CO

John Butt is an exemplary leader, overseeing Ulteig’s transportation group–which is a part of their civil engineering department. He has expanded Ulteig’s transpor - tation portfolio into the Texas Department of Transportation market and achieved a number of orders from the North Dakota Department of Transportation. Butt’s professionalism and leadership set him apart from his peers. Accomplishments/Projects: CDOT I-70 F-13 S Bridge Replacement, Project Manager–Colorado; NDDOT Structure Replacement (ND127), Project Manager– North Dakota; US Fish and Wildlife Service National Bridge Inspection Program, Inspection Team Leader and Load Rating Engineer–National Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Manhattan College; MS in Civil Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of New York; MBA, University of Colorado–Denver Professional/Public Service: ACEC, Colorado and North Dakota Chapters; Engi- neers without Borders, NY Professional Chapter

John Butt, MBA, PE


May 2023 csengineermag.com

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Municipal Utilities Department Head Croy Marietta, GA

In her role as Municipal Utilities Director for Croy, Melanie Head has worked to grow her department into one of the firm’s fastest growing practice areas. She is dedicated to a individuals both professionally and personally, regularly leading her team to produce quality deliverables for Croy’s clients, as well as expanding their network professionally. Head is also dedicated to growing the AEC profession and led a group of STEM-focused high school students in a water facility tour and hands-on educational facility. Accomplishments/Projects: Hamilton County, Tennessee McDonald Farm Utility Planning; Dalton Utilities V.D. Parrott Jr. Water Treatment Plant Expansion–Texas; Newton County Water and Sewage Authority Land Application System Expansion Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Auburn University Professional/Public Service: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE); American Water Works Association (AWWA); Georgia Association of Water Pro - fessionals (GAWP); Auburn University 100+ Women Strong Planning and Landscape Architecture (PLA) Division Service Leader, Associate Westwood Professional Services Englewood, CO Over the past nine years, Cole Cappel has risen through Westwood to become the firm’s Planning and Landscape Architecture service leader. Within the first two years as the team’s leader, Cappel’s team nearly tripled in size expanding the service’s geographic footprint across the United States and added a structure of regional leadership. Most recently, Cappel has been asked to transition to a role focused on standalone energy storage to leverage his extensive expertise in land entitlement and team leadership. Cappel is also dedicated to sustainability, devel- oping company-wide initiatives, and contributing to academic research. Accomplishments/Projects: Clements Ranch Community, Design Lead–Texas; Montgomery Condemnation–Minnesota; Sunstone Development–Nevada Education: BS in Urban Studies (minor Architecture), University of Texas at Austin Professional/Public Service: Urban Land Institute, member; American Planning Association, member; Future Cities, volunteer

Melanie D. Head, PE

Cole Cappel, AICP, ENV-SP



May 2023

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Senior Engineer Arup New York, NY

A senior engineer trained in both civil and structural engineering, Dmitrijs Obolev- ics brings a broad range of expertise and technical capability to his work at Arup. His roles span from technical lead to project manager for hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and stormwater management projects. From airport terminals and major water and transportation infrastructure projects to climate resilience assessments, he is helping to deliver efficient and resilient water systems across the built envi - ronment. Beyond serving as a technical lead, Obolevics also adds value to his team through mentorship, training, and support for junior engineers. Accomplishments/Projects: Engineers without Borders Guatemala, Designer– Chiche, Guatemala; New York City Transit Authority Flood Analysis and Visual- ization, Project Manager and Technical Lead–New York, New York Education: BEng in Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Bradford (UK) Professional/Public Service: Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), member; Water Environment Federation (WEF), Stormwater Committee; New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA), member Professional/Public Service: Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), member; Water Environment Federation (WEF), Stormwater Committee

Dmitrijs Obolevics, IEng MICE

Public Works/Transportation Team Lead Halff Richardson, TX

Servant leader, excellent communicator, proactive, responsive, transparent–these are just a few of the words that describe Melanie Cleavelin. In her 16 years at Halff, Cleavelin has climbed the ranks from EIT to Public Works/Transportation team leader. Melanie Cleavelin exemplifies exceptional technical capability, lead - ership, effective mentorship, and public service that benefit the AEC profession and the community. Accomplishments/Projects: RM 260, Project Manager; IH 635 Noise Walls, Proj - ect Manager; FM 2499, Deputy Project Manager Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University; MS in Civil Engi - neering, University of Texas at Arlington Professional/Public Service: Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS), Greater Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter; Halff Community Initiative

Melanie Cleavelin, PE


May 2023 csengineermag.com

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Operations Manager Halff Tallahassee, FL

Mark Llewllyn Jr is a naturally trustworthy leader who cares deeply about the people of Halff, the clients he serves, and the projects he works on. Throughout his 20 years in the AEC industry, Llewllyn has cultivated this reputation by being a hands-on project manager who immerses himself in projects. Putting others before himself time after time, his colleagues at Halff recognize him as a rising leader within the firm. Accomplishments/Projects: FAMU Way, Project Manager–Tallahassee, FL; Air - port Gateway, Project Manager–Tallahassee, FL; Santa Rosa Boulevard, Project Manager–Okaloosa County, FL Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Florida State University; MS in Civil Engi - neering, Florida State University Professional/Public Service: Halff Veteran Engagement Team (VET), Committee Member; American Public Works Association (AWPA), member; American Soci - ety of Civil Engineers (ASCE), member

Mark Llewllyn Jr, PE

Mechanical Engineer and Sustainability Leader TowerPinkster Grand Rapids, MI

Kelsey Groesbeck is known for her knowledge of, and passion for, sustainable design. Her expertise can be seen throughout TowerPinkster’s projects as she con- tinues to push for more innovative and responsible design solutions. In addition to leading the firm’s sustainability committee, she launched and now leads its Build - ing Science Group. This group is charged with ensuring sustainable solutions are part of the conversation in every project. Groesbeck's unique ability to captivate her audience and share information in a way that is consumable by all has made her a regional leader in the sustainable design movement. Accomplishments/Projects: Research and Development Headquarters, LEED and WELL Design Teams–Portage, MI; Western Michigan University Alumni Hall Renovation, Design Team Member–Kalamazoo, MI; Kalamazoo College Natato - rium, LEED Administrator–Kalamazoo, MI Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering, Western Michigan University; Masters of Mechanical Engineering, Western Michigan University Professional/Public Service: US Green Building Council (USBGC), West Michigan; West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum; TowerPinkster Sustainability Committee and Diversity Action Council

Kelsey Groesbeck, PE



May 2023

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Civil Engineering Project Manager Galloway & Company, Inc. Greenwood Village, CO

Aaron Johnston started his career as a engineer at Galloway in 2015, and he has consistently demonstrated a level of professionalism that isn’t often seen. Gal- loway has recognized his potential, and he has already risen to the project manager level and is also an associate in Galloway’s Associate Program, which is a pathway for partnership. Johnston leads by example, inspiring others to meet and exceed high standards while demonstrating the importance of taking care of clients with responsiveness and high quality designs/plans. Accomplishments/Projects: QuikTrip Colorado Expansion, Project Manager–Col - orado; Nine Mile Corner, Project Lead–Erie, CO; Nature’s Educators–Florence, CO Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Marquette University Professional/Public Service: Innovating Commerce and Serving Commu- nities (ICSC), NextGen Committee Secretary; Galloway-Foodbank of the Rockies Partnership

Aaron Johnston, PE

Architectural Project Manager Galloway & Company, Inc. Greenwood Village, CO

Lisa Metzger is a passionate and focused leader who always seeks opportunities to support company growth and professional development. As an Architectural Project Manager, Metzger demonstrates time and again her leadership abilities through strategic thinking, problem solving, and ability to motivate others. Her commitment to being an instrument of change is clearly demonstrated through her high level of engagement at work and within the community, and this commitment has helped Metzger become an integral part of Galloway and a senior associate in Galloway's Associate Program, a pathway to partnership. Accomplishments/Projects: The Perch Projects (3), Project Manager–Denver, CO; Exodus Modular Multi-Family, Project Manager–Denver, CO; Happy Valley Indus - trial, Assistant Project Manager and Industrial Market Type Manager–Phoenix, AZ Education: Bachelor of Architectural Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign; Masters of Architecture, University of Colorado-Denver Professional/Public Service: NAIOP Colorado, Vice Chair of DEI Committee, Member of Developing Leaders Committee; CREW Denver; AIA Colorado

Lisa Metzger, AIA, NCARB


May 2023 csengineermag.com

Rising Stars in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Civil Engineering Project Manager Galloway & Company, Inc. Johnstown, CO

Through his proactive and solution-oriented approach to project design and client relationships, his thoughtful guiding and mentoring of his team, and his leadership in giving back to the community, Kyle Pollock has firmly established himself as a leader at Galloway. Despite being new to the business, Pollock began to take over all aspects of engineering design less than two years into his career. Pollock cur- rently manages over 15 projects for five-plus clients while also directly supervis - ing, leading, and mentoring a team. He has been recognized for his leadership by being named and associate in the Galloway Associate Program, which is a pathway to partnership. Accomplishments/Projects: Thompson River Ranch (9 Projects), Project Manager- Johnstown, CO; Nueva Vida Mobile Home Park Revitalization, Project Manager- Colorado; Galloway Lot Certification Department, Engineering Team Lead Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Stanford University Professional/Public Service: Greenhouse Scholars, Alumni; Galloway Gives; Galloway Community Fund

Kyle Pollock, PE

Senior Structural Engineer Arup Houston, TX

Lu Chen joined Arup in 2013 and has clearly defined herself as a driven and techni - cally skilled Senior Structural Engineer. Over the last decade, Chen has contributed her civil engineering expertise to a range of structurally innovative or challenging projects including an offshore gravity-based structure as well as numerous trans- port and public infrastructure developments. This experience has equipped her with a unique structural design skillset that makes her an integral member of project teams. Outside of project work, Chen is committed to upskilling and knowledge sharing, and she serves as the lead for the Learning Committee within her office and offers STEM mentorship to local high school students. Accomplishments/Projects: Energy Project Offshore Concrete Gravity-based Structure (CGS), Senior Structural En¬gineer; Finch LRT, Civil Discipline Manager Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Tianjin University (China); MS in Civil En¬gineering, Rice University Professional/Public Service: Girls Exploring Math and Science (GEMS), volun - teer; SEI Houston, member; Global Bridge and Civil Structures Forum, Volunteer

Lu Chen, PE



May 2023

Rising Stars in MeP

Science and Technology Practice Director Henderson Engineers Lenexa, KS

Bio: Since kick starting his career in 2013, Danny McGrail has ascended to the top ranks of the field, and stands out among his accomplished peers as the youngest practice director companywide. McGrail rapidly climbed his way up the ladder from project manager to practice leader and eventually practice director, an im- pressive feat owing to his technical acumen as a mechanical engineer, his drive for excellence for himself and his colleagues, and his dedication to the success of Henderson and their clients. In turn, McGrail has cultivated a high level of trust among architects and developers, which has led to him leading a number of significant projects. Accomplishments/Projects: US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Lab relo - cation, Project Manager–Atlanta, GA; 850 PBC at the Phoenix Bioscience Core, Project Manager–Phoenix, AZ; North Kansas City High School Renovation, Proj - ect Manager and Lead Mechanical Engineer–North Kansas City, MO Education: BS in Architectural Engineering, Kansas State University Professional/Public Service: International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL), Heart of America Chapter; American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), member; American Institute of Ar - chitects (AIA), Kansas City Pillars Program

Danny McGrail, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Rising Stars in civil Engineering

Vice President, Strategic Communications Calibre Engineering Highlands Ranch, CO

Emily Villines has never been afraid to make waves, and has been a catalyst for change in her company, industry associations, and the public sector. Her rare tal- ent for blurring the lines between administration and engineering has resulted in groundbreaking change. Villines has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to recog- nize and meet the needs of her public sector clients. Accomplishments/Projects: City of Aurora Digital Stormwater Master Plan, As- sistant Project Manager–Aurora, CO Education: BA in English and French, University of Northern Colorado; MA in Engineer and Marketing, Regis University Professional/Public Service: Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), Education Committee; Colorado Association of State Floodplain Manag - ers (CASFM), Outreach and Training Committee

Emily Villines, CPSM, CPC, ACC


May 2023 csengineermag.com

Rising Stars in civil Engineering

Project Manager DEC Houston, TX

Yvonne Rivera has built a career in the AEC industry based on three pillars: management, leadership, and teaching. Rivera is a project management profes- sional who has guided projects from start to finish while also maintaining an active role in professional development organizations. Rivera is also changing the AEC industry through her work in mentoring and teaching young engineers beginning their careers. Accomplishments/Projects: Water & Wastewater Study, Assistant Project Man - ager–Harris County; North Harris County Regional Water Authority 54-inch Water Transmission Line, Design Engineer–Harris County; Fry Road Municipal Utility District Water Plant No. 2, Design Assist–Houston, TX Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Texas Tech University; MCE, University of Houston Professional/Public Service: Society of American Military Engineers, Hous- ton/Galveston Post–Young Member of the Year (2015), President (2019); West Houston Association, Water Resources Committee Member; American Council of Engineering Companies, Emerging Leaders Program (2021-2022)

Yvonne Rivera, PE, PMP



May 2023

Rising Stars in civil Engineering

Vice President Freyer & Laureta, Inc. San Francisco, CA

Spearheading the civil design for numerous San Francisco Bay Area projects, Josh Kimbrell has focused his career on building and developing innovative, sustain - able, low-impact development design strategies and green infrastructure. Kim - brell’s expertise in civil engineering design, project management, construction management, and capital improvement plan management for public infrastructure and private development projects has allowed his firm to impact their communities directly and create positive change. Accomplishments/Projects: Treasure Island Redevelopment, Project Manager and Engineer–San Francisco, CA; 681 Florida Casa Adelante Displaced & Low In - come Family Housing–San Francisco; The Tidelands at UCSF Mission Bay BMR Housing–San Francisco, CA Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Santa Clara University Professional/Public Service: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), mem - ber (2003-2009)

Josh Kimbrell, PE, QSD/P, LEED Green Associate

President 7 Oaks Engineering, inc. Silverton, OR

Kim Johnson has repeatedly demonstrated her excellent communication skills among her clients and upholds the highest quality of respect and integrity. Johnson has spent 15 years in the AEC industry, working her way up from intern through to her current position as president. Johnson’s passion for leadership and mentoring young people is demonstrated through projects such as creating an online course for new civil engineers entering the industry. Accomplishments/Projects: Habitat for Humanity, Senior Project Manager/Engi - neer of Record–Silverton, CO; Northgate Commercial Center, Engineer of Record/ Senior Project Manager–Fontana, CA; Columbia Square Downtown, Project Engi - neer–Los Angeles, CA Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Cal State Long Beach Public/Professional Service: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), member; Orego Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME); City of Silverton Chamber of Commerce

Kim Johnson, PE


May 2023 csengineermag.com

Rising Stars in civil Engineering

Regional Civil Engineering Manager Commercial Development Resources Charlotte, NC

Royce Eklund has demonstrated exceptional ability in Civil Engineering, Land Development, Project Design, and Project Management– garnering a wealth of experience in overseeing complex projects from conception through completion. Eklund has shown a keen eye for detail and a talent for creative problem solv- ing. Eklund is also driving the AEC industry forward through mentorship and has volunteered his time and expertise to mentor young AEC professionals. Accomplishments/Projects: Legoland California Movie World, Project Manager and Design Lead–Carlsbad, CA; AutoNation Mercedes-Benz House of Imports– Buena Park, CA Education: BS in Civil Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Professional/Public Service: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), member

Royce Eklund, PE

Rising Stars in Full service Engineering

President ISG Sioux Falls, SD

David Doxtad is an empowering leader, who is passionate about finding new op - portunities for communities, employee owners, and the firm. As president of ISG, Doxtad is committed to building upon the firm’s growth and multi-market, full ser - vice structure, and his ability to cultivate talent by empowering employee owners with the resources to succeed is backed by his experience as an engineer, manager, leader, and mentor. Doxtad leads by example, and exemplifies ISG’s culture of constantly remembering what drives us–communities. Accomplishments/Projects: ISG Expansion in South Dakota Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Iowa State University Professional/Public Service: Sioux Metro Growth Alliance, Board Chair; Civil Engineering Classroom and Architecture Scholarship at South Dakota State, ISG Representative; American Society of Civil Engineers

David Doxtad, PE



May 2023

Rising Stars in Full service Engineering

Principal/Director of Interior Design Cyntergy Tulsa, OK

As a Principal and Director of Cyntergy’s Interior Design team, Stephanie Putzke has clearly demonstrated her passion for improving the built environment while prioritizing the people impacted by her architectural projects. Her passion for creat- ing spaces that truly reflect her clients' personalities is evident in her work. Not only is she an advocate for her team, but she also possesses a natural talent for making people feel valued, which fosters a sense of trust in both her colleagues and clients. Ms. Putzke takes the time to understand her clients' unique lifestyles and cultures, enabling her to seamlessly integrate their personalities into their sur- roundings. By doing so, she creates a space that is both personal and functional, and truly reflective of the client's character. Accomplishments/Projects: Southern Hills Country Club | Hitting Facility, Main Entry Guard Shack, Pool Locker Room Renovation, Men’s Locker Room | Lead Interior Designer-Tulsa, OK Greenheck Campus | Campus Masterplan, 6 Class A + Warehouse Buildings | Lead Interior Designer- Tulsa, OK, Young Life 540 Headquarters | Office Building Renovation | Lead Architectural & Interior De - signer- Colorado Springs, CO Education: Masters of Architecture, University of Kansas Professional/Public Service: American Institute of Architects (AIA), Associate Member; Junior League of Tulsa; Zweig Group ElevateHER 2023 Cohort

Stephanie Putzke, RCID, NCIDQ

Rising Stars in Structural Engineering

Structural Engineer HDR Dallas, TX

Few structural engineers have the same level of experience that Mark Rocha has in the design and construction of highly complex building projects combined with a passion for automation and programming. During his 11-year tenure, Rocha’s project experience has included a wide variety of project types, including data centers, courthouses, offices, hospitals, laboratories, and science and technology facilities. Throughout his career, Rocha has also embraced leadership opportuni- ties, guiding teams from concept design through construction administration. Accomplishments/Projects: Center for Women’s Tower, Lead Project Structural Engineer–Texas; NASA Johnson Space Center, Project Structural Engineer–Hous - ton, TX; Covenant Medical Center Renovation and Expansion, Lead Project Struc- tural Engineer–Texas Education: BS in Architectural Engineering, University of Texas at Austin; MS in Civil Engineering, Southern Methodist University Professional/Public Service: BILT North American, Presenter

Mark Rocha, PE, SE


May 2023 csengineermag.com

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