Crest Ink - Volume 28 - Number 02

Everybody in this group is an expert at a number of different skills. They are also on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since the rule seems to be that things rarely have a tendency to break on a convenient schedule. Our thanks go out to the guys who wear the florescent green shirts for keeping our facilities in such great shape so the rest of us can go about doing our jobs in the best conditions possible. Brian Schafer (Facilities Manager) Years at Crest: 20 Jeff Brecunier (Electrician) Years at Crest: 20 Interests: camping, hunting, tattoos

Interests: Camping and sitting around the camp fire with family and friends drinking a cold beverage or two! I’m also a Dallas Cowboy’s fan, so I like to root for them and I also root for anybody that plays and beats the Bears. Most people wouldn’t know: When I was a child growing up my grandparents helped to raise me while my mom worked 2nd and 3rd shift jobs. My grandpa had his own welding shop which I got to spend alot of time in helping him. I was only 5 years old when I was in the shop helping him weld various jobs. Wally Karper (Building Repair) Years at Crest: 33 Interests: woodworking and his grandchildren Most people wouldn’t know: I like to cook. Interests: fishing for catfish, international travel, vegetable farming, my daughter’s high school sports Most people wouldn’t know: I am a commercial bee keeper. Ben Nelson Years at Crest: 1.5 Interests: spending time with/playing with/training my cat, Junkyard Cat, golf, craft beers, volunteering, long walks on the beach Most people wouldn’t know: I am a member of Vestry at St. Luke’s Church in Dixon, where we just celebrated our 175th anniversary as a parish. Sonny Baratta Years at Crest: 6 months Interests: soccer, fantasy football Most people wouldn’t know: I lived in Costa Rica for about 6 months before moving back to Dixon and starting at Crest. Marshall Pankhurst Years at Crest: 3

Most people wouldn’t know: I got married while on my 10 Year Crest Trip on an island in the Caribbean. Dusty Koch (Building Repair) Years at Crest: 9 Interests: hiking, camping, woodworking, metalwork- ing, bowling, soccer Most people wouldn’t know: I have my certification in building construction. Jason Drew (Electrician) Years at Crest: 2 Interests: Sports…specifically golf, basketball and football Most people wouldn’t know: I’m a licensed plumber. Sam McBride Years at Crest: 5.5 Interests: dogs, truck farming (growing products to sell at a farm stand) Most people wouldn’t know: About 10 years ago, I started an Urban Mushing dog sled team, where you are able to dog sled year-round (on paved and off trails instead of just snow). *see page 6 for more info Steve Harrell Years at Crest: 1.5 Interests: cars, billiards, movies Most people wouldn’t know: I lived in International Falls, Minnesota for 6 years. International Falls is well known for being one of the coldest places in the coun- try, reaching low temperatures of -60 degrees. Brandon Dodrill Years at Crest: 3 Interests: golf, bowling Most people wouldn’t know: I’ve bowled 19 300 games.

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2 Crest Ink April, May & June 2016

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