Crest Ink - Volume 28 - Number 02

A publication of Crest Foods Co., Inc. PO Box 371 • Ashton, IL 61006 • Phone: (815) 453-7411 • Fax: (815) 453-2646 Jeff Meiners, President • Steve Meiners, V.P. Corporate Sales Mike Meiners, V.P. General Mgr Contract Mfg. • Cheri Kemp, Editor “Crest sells quality products and service – at a profit when we can, at a loss if we must – but always quality.” Copyright 2016 Getting older is just part of living. For me, now being past the age of 55, I feel qualified about commenting on what it is like to get older. Notice that I did not say old, just older. Getting older is a gradual process whereby things slow- ly change, but then you wake up one day and realize its happened. At that point you start to notice reality and the little things like white/grey hair; moving more slowly; telling stories of “the good old days” (like your parents or grandparents did); receiving offers for senior discounts; poorer eyesight; poorer reflexes; poorer circulation in hands and feet, etc. And I always seem to get laughter from my children and the younger crowd, when I say this, but it’s definitely true, as we age time does go by faster! I’ve tried to remain positive about age and getting older and not think “old”. Age is a relative number and we don’t have to act our age. Of course we are all different so everyone ages differently in terms of physical, emotional, and mental change. There have always been norms for what society expects as we age, but we should, and we have the right, to live life on our own terms. Besides, by virtue of being older don’t we have the right (based on gained knowledge and experience) to make better decisions and give better advice? I say let us older folks embrace that privilege! I see a big advantage to being older. With more life experiences (mistakes made) there is now more wisdom to make fewer future mistakes. And we get the benefit of passing on our wisdom to our children and the younger people we know. It’s a nice tradeoff and phase of life. We “seasoned citizens” do have valuable things to say. It’s natural that as we age we lose some memory ability, energy level, and strength capabilities. However, I’ve started learning that there are ways to “cheat” these changes and definitely ways to not let these changes affect living and way of thinking. The best way to maintain memory, energy, and strength is to keep active in mind and body. That means keeping a busy work schedule and active personal life style outside of work. And by all means we must try to do the right things in regard to diet and exercise. Of course that’s true with younger people too. I recently saw a quote (I can’t remember where or whom to give credit to - blame my older age) that said “Today we have never been older, yet never will we be younger”. We are all getting older. We should accept it and make the best of it! The Aging Process: A Fact of Life by Al Duthie

April, May & June 2016 Crest Ink 31

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