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November 2017


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ovember is a good time to be thankful, and here at Design Pickle, we’re thankful for a lot. We’ve had an amazing, exciting year. Just like every year in the past, it’s been nonstop and relentless, and just like other years, it’s also brought unique challenges and opportunities. We may be a design company, but we’re also a support company for your dreams and ideas. And just as you rely on us to take care of certain aspects of your business, we rely on other companies to take care of certain aspects of our own. I thought that November would be the perfect time to discuss a few of those — any of which could be great additions to your own business. N

I can’t talk about great products without starting with Slack . You might have heard of them, because they’re awesome. At its heart, Slack is a messaging service with scalable pricing that allows you to communicate with your team digitally. I’d never say that our company couldn’t function without X or Y piece of equipment, but if we didn’t have Slack? Design Pickle would be a very different place. Slack is useful, intuitive, and robust. Our team is spread across the globe — literally — but this software makes the challenges of remote work so much easier, it’s not even funny. We’re able to preserve our company culture because, at the end of the day, Slack makes us feel like we’re all in the same room together. That’s the highest compliment I can pay. “We may be a design company, but we’re also a support company for your dreams and ideas.”

Another fantastic piece of the Design Pickle puzzle is Zapier . Zapier is a little more technical and back-of-house oriented than Slack is, but it’s just as important. Zapier supports hundreds of different web apps (Slack is one of them!) and allows you to blueprint ways for those apps to work together, saving you time and energy. Zapier has a lot of other uses, but it’s safe to say that if you use a lot of web apps in your business, you should probably take a look at this software. We really like it. Last on the list — but absolutely, positively not least — is Trainual , which addresses many of the most common problems plaguing businesses. If you want to have the best employee retention, lowest turnover, and smoothest onboarding, I can’t recommend this service highly enough. Chris Ronzio, the founder and CEO of Trainual, is a personal friend of mine, and we at Design Pickle love his software. From trackable employee learning to liability reduction, Trainual makes some of the trickiest parts of running a business a whole lot easier. We use it to get our new hires up to speed remotely in the best way possible.

software featured here, we’re thankful for our awesome family and friends, and of course our amazing clients. And we’re looking forward to next year — to taking what we’ve learned in 2017 and applying it in 2018. If you’re in the same boat, I highly encourage you to check out the services I’ve talked about here. You’ll have three more things to be thankful for next November — I promise.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you also have a list of things you’re thankful for this year. In addition to the


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