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April 2018

The Challenges of Staying Active


A s a physical therapist, I’m dedicated to health and fitness. I try to embody the principles I work to instill in my patients. The human body isn’t meant to be static, and regular activity has cascading benefits that affect every aspect of our lives. That said, between Focus Physical Therapy reaching more patients than ever and finding time to spend with my kids and wife, I’ve been off my exercise game in recent months. I know, it’s the same lame excuse that everyone has used since the dawn of working out: “I don’t have time.” But as we move into spring, I’m working hard to get back on a regular exercise schedule, giving myself the same advice I give to my patients. As always, it doesn’t really matter where you start or what you’re doing. What’s important is that you’re regularly doing something to get your body moving. For me, that usually means getting outdoors and breathing in the clear California air. I’ll take mountain biking, hiking, or running over sweating in a hot little room any day. Obviously, gyms are great and necessary for many types of exercise, but personally, I prefer to get outside and incorporate my workout into an activity I already love to do.

and spectacular views — I want to absorb the entire experience free of distraction. The first step is just making the time to get outside and move. For my patients, that first step can be anything. If you can walk, it’s easy to take a brisk morning stroll around the

neighborhood. If you’re set on

staying inside and watching TV, drag out the exercise ball from the garage and sit on it while you binge Netflix. People are always overcomplicating exercise and turning it into a daunting process before they even start. When you’re first starting, it’s better to commit to five minutes of stretching in the morning than to set an unrealistic goal of doing an hour of cardio three times per week. If you set a goal that’s too lofty, you may find yourself crashing and burning right off the bat. Of course, I say that, but I understand the struggle to get active just like anybody else. Time is limited, motivation can be difficult to muster, and there are just so many things that need attention in your life. But this month, I’d like to challenge my readers to take that tiny first step toward an active life with me. Maybe we can even help each other stay accountable to our goals!

Whether I’m riding a bike or running with a friend, I never listen to music while I work out. I do this for a couple of reasons. Partly, it’s

because when I’m zooming around the road on my bike, I need to stay alert. But it also gives me the opportunity to think clearly and really stay present in my surroundings. When I’m out trail running, I’ll see deer, rabbits, coyotes,

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