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My family’s Thanksgiving growing up was pretty traditional. My grandma and mom did most of the cooking, and the other family members contributed some side dishes. The meal was always incredible, as was the experience of all the family being together. After the meal, the women cleaned up while all the men watched football and fell asleep almost immediately. Sometimes, my grandpa would fall asleep before getting to the couch or his recliner chair. WWW.VITALCAREREHAB.COM A C hanging C elebration THANKSGIVINGS PAST AND PRESENT (623) 544-0300

In past years, our Thanksgiving celebration has evolved as our lives changed. Now that my sisters, brother, and I have families, our Thanksgiving celebrations have branched off, and we don’t always celebrate together. “IT WAS GREAT FUN WATCHING TO SEE WHO WOULD GET HIT IN THE HEAD NEXT." This year will be the first time I have ever prepared a Thanksgiving dinner by myself. My mom and dad are going to visit my brother in Colorado this year, which they’ve been doing for the past few years, so I won’t even have my mom to help me! My mother-in-law has been hosting Thanksgiving for the last few years. This year, we have offered to host in our new house, and I am a little nervous. My kids are so excited to have Thanksgiving in our home this year. They are good at helping to clean and prepare for guests.

Before we would eat, we always held hands and someone would say grace out loud. Then, we were all expected to take turns telling everyone what we were thankful for. The best memory is of my grandpa wadding up napkins and throwing them at the grandkids “secretly” throughout the meal. We would have to discretely get him back without our parents seeing us to avoid getting in trouble. It was great fun watching to see who would get hit in the head next. Vital Care Patients ENTER TO WIN Find the misspelled word in this newsletter and call (623) 544-0300 for your chance to win a $10 gift card! CALL (623)544-0300

Thanksgiving is a great reminder to be thankful for all that life has given you and to express gratitude more often. Personally, I like to express gratitude verbally. I make sure to tell all of my loved ones, employees, and patients “Thank you” and “I appreciate you.” I make sure to point out when an employee goes above and beyond their job description. I am also a big believer in paying it forward, and if someone does something nice for me, I always make sure to pass it on. I am thankful for my health and the health of my family and friends. I am thankful that my family gets along, and I am so incredibly grateful that we all love to celebrate together. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone this year, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, as well.

Contest for past and present Vital Care PT patients only.

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