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Let’s Talk Trash! is excited to continue providing all K-6th grade classes in Cheatham County with this educational resource every other month! We will be expanding our distribution to also include 7th and 8th grades too! Our continuing focus will include all areas of education including character, citizenship, math, history, current events, interviews with local celebrities and much more. Let’s Talk Trash! is an integral part of our new publication name: Let’s Talk news ! We encourage and invite all teachers, students and parents to send in stories about your school/class to share. Let’s Talk news ! will be delivered on or about the 10th of every other month beginning, September, then will continue November, January, March and April. Through fun activities, puzzels, stories and relevant current events, Let’s Talk news ! a ttributes its success to our kids, readers and all of our business sponsors. The CheathamCountyMayor’s office T.D.O.T Litter grant has been the backbone to make this publication possible. THANK YOUMAYORDAVID MCCULLOUGHANDCLYDEWHITE! Our focus for this next school year will include repurposing as part of our continued focus on “anti-litter” and environmental responsibility. Learn how you can make something old new again by repurposing! As you flip through the pages of this Sept/Oct issue, we found it very important to share the importance of what nasty critters mosquitoes can be for our health. When they bite, you just think it makes you itch; however, did you know they carry many viruses and today, the scary Zika vir us? The Zika virus has been all over the news, so, it is very important to know what it is and where it comes from. September is still a hot month in Tennessee, so we need to educate ourselves about this new virus that has made it into the United States. I asked myself, “Why is it called the Zika virus?” That lead me into a great deal of research and investigation as to where it came from. As one thing lead to another, you will discover why is it called “Zika” and from what country it actually originated. Learn a little bit about Yap and its people which is part of the Federated States of Micronesia as well as the part the Rhesus monkey played. You will find out how all of these relate to the Zika virus! In addition...Find out how to Repurpose Old Tires... and much MORE!

We have many local businesses to thank for their interest in education and support for this publication: The Cheatham County Mayor’s office - David McCullough, Mayor and Clyde White PREMIER SPONSOR Community Bank & Trust The Ashland City Times The Pleasant View Post WQSV Radio South Cheatham Advocate Franklin Luppe Accounting Regents Medical Center Guthrie Kitchen, Bath & Flooring Harris Professional Counseling Services SouthPoint Risk Advisors The Livery Stables

Debbie Keenan The Keenan Group, Inc. Publisher Let’s Talk Trash! 615-746-2443 155 Keenan Court, Pleasant View, Tennessee 37146

Welcome back to School everyone! I hope you enjoy this first issue of the school year! We invite you to let us know how we are doing! Send me an email! Coming up in our Nov/ Dec issue look for a great interviewwith our Cheatham County Sheriff, Mike Breedlove and what it’s like to be a Sheriff. You will also find out where the cleanest U.S. Cities are located and some of the dirtiest jobs! If you have a story you would like to share, plesase submit to the address above or email. Photos are welcomed!

A litter bag has been provided with this first issue of Let’s Talk news ! to continue the conversation of Let’s Talk Trash!

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