March 2023 Oracle


All this is fact - not fiction, the truth - not exaggerated, and a recounting of the most awesome musical act to entertain in downtown Palm Springs.

On Thursday, February 16, eighteen strummers from The Ukulele Crew took over the corner of South Palm Canyon and Tahquitz Canyon at VillageFest. It was a fabulous audience who danced, sang along and cheered for every song. There was the America versus Canada song battle, Hokey Pokey crowd dance and the audience favorite, Time Warp . The Crew laughed when the crowd, sometimes 6 - 7 rows deep, rocked out. Classic rock, pop, country and ballads were played. There were little kids and adults dancing in the street and an impromptu happy birthday to twin girls who turned nine. Crew player, Tami Rangel summed it up best, “ Lots to be learned from doing a live performance outside that will make us even better in the future! ” The final Ukulele Crew performance of the season will be Happy Hour on March 4 at ES Clubhouse, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. It features a new and exciting playlist.

Norma Bilben Ann Collins Gregg Cook Rosemarie Ferrante

Ed Newman Colin O ’ Brien Tami Rangel Dave Sabens

Judy Geddes Karen Gross Murray Hales Charles Hare Wendy Henders

Marilyn Sabens Eileen Silvestri The Whalley Family - Erin, Linda, Peter

For more ukulele information and to join next season contact Marilyn at

Photos By John Silvestri, ORPS Owners.



MARCH 2023

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