March 2023 Oracle

Frosty Season My first full season at ORPS was impacted by Covid. Operations had to adapt . . . My second full season at ORPS saw the enthusiastic return of Covid - refuge Owners. Operations had to adapt . . . In my third full season at ORPS, we ’ ve had yet to adapt to one of the chilliest ones I have been told. Indoor events have been seen full to overflowing. Operations had to adapt. I congratulate staff and volunteers in the calm way all challenges have been overcome. What will March hold? Even more, challenges to meet, not just weather - related. A budget will have to be adopted, meeting the increased rates of utilities and insurance rates as well as paying a market wage to attract and retain staff. A new Board will be elected, and Operations will have to adapt. I ‘ ve always felt that, while maintaining a professional standard, management must reflect expected changes in how the Resort is administrated knowing that there will be at least three new Board members. Projects to meet the changing needs/desires of the membership need approval. The hiring of key staff for next season is dead ahead. El Saguaro Pool Deck needs immediate attention for next season. Upgrades of current facilities and clubhouse interi- ors must be considered. Operations will have to adapt. I ’ m confident it can . . . just as it has . Ed Vitrano General Manager



MARCH 2023

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