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Dr Joseph Scherger. Presented Avoiding and Reversing Chronic Diseases on January 12th. He shared the latest research on why we age and how we can reverse aging and extend life span through nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation. Dr Scherger is one of Coachella ’ s leading physicians. Close to 70 people came out to hear Mr. Scherger. His topic was spot on and enjoyed by many.

As the 2022 - 23 season winds down, I am sure some of you are thinking about making improvements to your lot. It is exciting to see Owners putting their stamp on their lot and making it a place they can enjoy. If you are contemplating improvements before you leave or over the summer, I encourage you to submit your permit(s) as soon as possible. The A&A Committee workload is already quite heavy and our ability to process permits during the summer may take a little longer than normal. Please don ’ t wait until the last minute! Since I was appointed to the A&A Chair position last fall, I have been reviewing the role of the A&A Committee at ORPS as well as the Governing Documents which outline the specifics related to the committee as well as the role of the Compliance Officer here at ORPS. It became quite clear there were specific areas that need to be addressed to bring the actions of the committee back into alignment with the official documents. I have also received a great deal of feedback from the Owners regarding their interactions with the committee. After careful consideration I announced at the February 20 th Board Meeting that the A&A Committee will shift gears and go back to the roles and responsibilities as outlined in Section 7 of the CC&Rs and Section 14 of the A&A Rules. What does this mean for the Owners at ORPS: 1. ALL Compliance issues will be handled by Management and the Compliance Office. You will no longer interact with the Committee or its members when it comes to enforcing the A&A Rules outside of the Permit process. 2. When you submit a permit for approval the committee will come to your lot and review the work you plan on doing. The committee will APPLY the existing Rules specific to the permit. They will no longer be walking around your lot looking for Compliance issues – the focus will be the Permit. I am confident that these changes will make your interactions with the committee much easier. I know there have been challenges and frustration with the process, but I am confident that this approach is what is best for the Resort. Our focus as outlined in the CC&Rs is Aesthetics and Architecture, NOT Compliance. I am very fortunate to have a great team of volunteers on the Committee who are dedicated to doing what is best for the Resort. They are there for you and will help you get your project approved as stress free as possible. We just welcomed Barb Lidstrom as a new member to the Committee and we continue to look for volunteers to join us. If you ’ re interested, please fill out a Committee Interest Form which is available at the Main Office. Steve Farley | Board Member and A&A Chair

Unfortunately, due to the high covid cases and illness going through the resort we had to cancel Dr. Brossfiled and the 5 - k walk/run. Just a friendly reminder, with the upswing in covid cases, vaccinated or not, continuing Public Health measures is important to keep COVID - 19 at bay. Follow the healthful tips: • Wash your hands thoroughly • Ventilate and open windows • Avoid large crowds • Cover cough and sneezes • Clean and disinfect regularly • Keep your distance Please make your calendar for March 4th. We will have the Health Fair at La Palma from 9 am to noon. There will be several health vendors for you to come and check out their health services they offer. We will also have the blood drive in the main parking lot next to front

office, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Call ahead to set up appointments.

The Health and Fitness committee are still selling bricks. Leave your legacy at ORPS with a memorable brink on the pathway to fitness out in front of health center. Contact anyone on the committee.

Chavalla Lopez - Bassham, LMT, MMP Health and Fitness Chair



MARCH 2023

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