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ins- pire 01 An inspirational guide to create bold and beautiful interiors, paired with Havwoods luxury wooden flooring.

Color is confidence “ ”

– Jacu Strauss, designer on incorporating bold colors into his hotel designs.

Color is the way we shape our interiors and express their personalities.

Color is often the first step in exploring interior finishes, like wood flooring. In the same way there are countless shades of “white” paint, wood flooring come in a variety of color tones. Get inspired through this curation of spaces with bold colors and see which floor choices help ground these incredible projects.



Douglas Fir, typically found in stark, Scandinavian interiors, does not only have to live among muted tones. This salmon-pink infused interior shows that you can have a clean wood foundation, mixed with bold finishes and textures. Mixing ultra bright accents, with Platinum wood tones (lighter, cooler options), can create an evolved version of cold, white minimalist spaces of the past. Anti-minimalist




Platinum wood flooring is the color of moonlit nights and glistening snow. Any space will feel sophisticated thanks to this calm, tidy and elegant color. These light wood flooring shades will add a touch of beauty and refinement to your environment. It’s a color group that infuses every space with a sense of sleek (but not boring!) modernism and cool elegance.

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Deep blue interiors provide a cool and calming experience. To avoid feeling “cold”, choosing a warm-tone wood floor creates a symbiotic design experience where you get the best from both worlds. Auburn or chestnut inspired colors work well, an exploring pattern, like a classic chevron can cohesively create interest and familiarity. Wonderful Winter Blues




Auburn wood flooring is reminiscent of autumn leaves, rich caramel, and of flaming embers. It is the ideal option for making a space seem both classy and cozy, where you enjoy the feel of real wood under your feet. This shade of flooring will give your interior hospitable warmth. Auburn floors highlights the other design choices in a space, giving an impression that it has always been there.

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Have fun with a French classic.

The Versailles pattern is a flooring design classic. Owing its name to the fabulous Palace de Versailles in France, one of the world’s most iconic building projects. The Versailles design consists of squares held together by, what appears to be, an interwoven mesh of wood strips, all within a wood frame. The Versailles Panel

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The most impressive design trends using these old-world patterns involve mixing a bit of the classics with the on-trend. Marrying this style flooring with bold pops of color, different textures (both visually and to the touch) embraces the idea to make it personal when it comes to your interior style. Mixing old with new



Yes, you can use wood floors in the kitchen.

There are benefits to using wood flooring in your kitchen… In addition to a beautiful aesthetic. With the right tools, cleaning is actually easier than tile. There are smaller bevels in floor for food to get stuck in, and the character of wood hides any daily debris. Wood is warmer and more comfortable to stand on, which is vital as our wellbeing is top of mind. Continue reading our full guide on why you can most definitely use wood floor in your kitchen space.

Read more about choosing the right wood for kitchen spaces:





No, you don’t have to choose between beautiful or sustainable.

Sourcing ethical products is not a trend we keep up with. It’s a core part of our business model. Havwoods is proud to source our wood flooring products from only sustainably-managed forests. For us at Havwoods, sustainability is a matter of extreme importance. It affects everything that we do, and we are continuously taking new steps to improve our actions in this area. Read more about the actions we take to make sure our products are sustainably sourced:



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