PTII: 4 Quick Ways to Relieve Sciatica


Deep Friction Massage Can Help Eliminate Sciatica Some leg pain is caused by a spasm in a deep muscle located in the buttock called the Piriformis. The Sciatic nerve runs right on top of this muscle so a spasm here can cause pain in the leg. The treatment is to put deep pressure on this muscle. Prolonged pressure will cause this muscle to relax, decreasing the pain. Spinal Mobilization. Gentle mobilization (or movement) of each spinal segment helps to increase mobility of the spine and relieves pain. The pain relief from this technique lasts because it is paired with the right stretching exercise.

Good Advice To Avoid Constant Irritation Of The Sciatic Nerve Good advice helps the condition begin healing. For example, you should stop strengthening exercises while you are in pain. If you are having back and leg pain, doing strengthening exercises like lifting weights or doing sit-ups will make the condition worse. Strengthening exercises increase pressure in the spine and initially you want to decrease pressure in the spine so that the condition calms down. You can return to these exercises once the leg pain is gone. Gentle Exercise The right stretch is the key to relieving pain. Some people need to stretch their spinal joints, others need to stretch muscles, some people need both. Once the pain is relieved, we instruct you in a gradual strengthening program to further protect the spine.

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