Bruce Law Firm March 2018

March 2018

A Tournament to Remember

Unlike the rest of the country, we don’t really have seasons here in Florida. We do still have spring break, and it’s a time every kid looks forward to.

became a tradition for us each spring. Called the KDW because of the large number of kingfish, dolphin, and wahoo — yep, that is a real fish — which are found in our West Palm Beach waters. This tournament is great for all ages of people, so it was a fun family affair. With our fishing gear, we’d head offshore on the family boat where my dad taught us how to fish. Kingfish, dolphins, and wahoos can all get pretty big, so you had to hold on tight to reel one of them in. Wahoos, especially, are fast fish, so you were lucky if you caught one. The tournament gave out cash prizes for the biggest fish caught of each type, including junior prize categories. For the angler that gets the biggest dolphin, they give out a check. Thanks to my dad’s skill, we did pretty well. One year, when I was fishing the tournament during a college break, we even won! We didn’t get to keep our winnings for long, as the bar tabs from the dock party that ensued after the tournament award ceremony consumed most of our winnings, but that’s not really what the tournament was about, anyway. It was about spending a day on the water with family and friends, and it was about my sister and I connecting with our family on the water. We went back each year for the camaraderie and fun, not for the prizes. It’s been a few years since my sister and I made it out for the KDW Classic. With kids of our own now, it’s amazing how quickly time goes by. You make new traditions and sometimes old ones slip away. I’m hoping to get back out there soon, though, and take my son Russell with me. Who knows, maybe we’ll even reel in some winning fish. On the inside of the newsletter, we’re welcoming a new face to our law firm. After gaining a wealth of knowledge in family law, divorce attorney Rosalie Cruz joined our firm this year, and we’re so glad to have her as part of our team. We know you will be, too. Read more about her and peruse some other great pieces inside the newsletter.

My sister and I would travel to visit our relatives in northern Florida around this time of year. Our Aunt Jody would take us to the golf course where we’d play with our cousins. When we were teenagers, we’d go for hikes and play baseball. They lived close to the University of Florida, so we enjoyed going to Gators games, too.

Probably my best memory from this time of year, though, was when our dad would take us to the KDW Classic instead. This fishing tournament

Enjoy this season with family and friends and find a couple of ways to enjoy the beautiful water that’s right outside.

– Chris Bruce

Young Russell is captaining the family boat already!

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