King's Business - 1937-04

JU ST A WORD INCORPORATED, 7TH AND Clayton Sts., W ilm ington, Del., publishers of “Bible Questions Answered,” by Wm. L. Pet- tingill, “Rightly Dividing the W ord of T ruth,” by C. 1. Scofield, and “God’s Prophecies for Plain People,” by Wm. L. Pettingill. See dis- play ads pages 151, 154 and 158. THE KING’S BUSINESS, 558 S. HOPE ST., Los Angeles, Calif., conducting unusual Sub­ scription Prize C ontest, to end June 30, 1937. See display ad s inside front cover and page ALAN PEARCE, 1925 E. FIFTH STREET. Long Beach, Calif., will take orders for P ro ­ phetic Books b y Louis S. Bauman, D.D,, and for other publications. See display ad page 152. PROPHECY MONTHLY, DEPT. KB, 2003 AD- dison Way, Los Angeles, Calif. 40-page m onthly m agazine specializing in prophecy. See display ad page 148. REVIVAL PRAYER BAND, 8011 WILLARD, D etroit, Mich., offers books by Clifford Lewis, ideal for special day gifts. See display ad page 144. BURT L. RICE, 2430 N. CRAIG AVE., P asadena, Calif., editor of “The Threshing Floor,” and “The Good News L etter,” two new fundam ental Christian monthlies. See display ad page 158. JOHN RUDIN & COMPANY. INC.. 1018 S. W abash Ave., Chicago, 111., publishers of “Stories of Hymns We Love,” by Cecilia M ar­ garet Rudin. M.A. New enlarged edition. See display ad page 159. “FROM THE GARDEN TO THE CITY.” F ascinating m im eographed course of questions and ch arts covering entire Bible. One dollar. O r tak e as correspondence course on easy term s. W rite to author, Mrs. A rthur Schafer, 226 E. 48th St., Tacoma, W ash. WILLIAM PORTER TOWNSEND, LOCK Box 253, Plainfield, N. J., offers 6 copies of booklet. “Remember Birdie,” for 10 cents, and circulars of other publications. See display ad page 145. THE WARNER PRESS, ANDERSON, IND., or Sacram ento, Calif., publishers of new re* vised C hristian H ero Series, 12 authentic biographies which should be in every C hris­ tian home. See display ad page 143. THE JOHN C. WINSTON CO., WINSTON Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa., publishers of “Hurl- b u t’s Story of the Bible,” a gift for young and old. Price $2.00. See display ad page 153. CHURCH MUSIC HAROLD ALEXANDER, P. O. BOX 321, LOS Angeles, Calif., publisher “New Singable Songs,” containing outstanding choruses, and other song books. See display ad page 139. DON M. ALLEN, 2127 CITY VIEW ST., LOS Angeles. Calif., publisher of “Singing His P raises,” containing new choruses and h e a rt- stirrin g favorites. See display ad page 156. EVANGEL SONGS CO., 4211 N. HERMITAGE Ave., Chicago, 111., publishers of “Open Door Revival Songs.” See display ad page 159. “MOTHER’S DAY” SONG ( 193i7J. “ THE W anderer and Mother’s P rayers,” for church services, Sunday-schools, public singers. O ctavo sheet music. A rtistic gift. Each 15c;= 2 for 25c; 9 for $1.00. Harmony, Herjbert G. Tovey. W ords and melody, Mrs. N. H. Griffin, Box 55, S tation C, Pasadena, Calif. , L1LLENAS PUBLISHING CO., 2923 TROOST Ave., K ansas City, Mo., publishers of church music. W rite for free m usic catalogue. See display ad page 145. D. L. MOODY CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS, 153 Institute Place, Chicago, III. Moody- Sankey Evangelistic Campaign song books; $5.00 per 100. See display ad page 148. TABERNACLE PUB. CO., 360-D, N. WALLER Ave., Chicago, 111., publishers of “Tabernacle Hymns Number Three.” W rite for details and returnable sam ple copy. See display ad page 151.________________________ _________CHURCH SUPPLIES_________ INDIVIDUAL COMMUNION SERVICE COM- pany, 1701-1703 C hestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Communion w are of quality. See display ad page 147. THOMAS COMMUNION SERVICE, BOX 542, Lima, Ohio. O ffers free folder describing church communion service. See display ad page 145.__________________________________ COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES, Inc., Correspondence School, 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif., announces new course in Child Evangelism . Also course in Old T esta­ m ent H istory, especially helpful to Sunday- school teachers during 1937. See display ads pages 140 and 141.

BOB JONES COLLEGE, CLEVELAND, TENN., a C hristian college in th e h eart of th e South. See display ad page 152._________________ _ JOHN BROWN U N I V E R S I T Y , SILOAM Springs, Ark., offers grade, high school, and university courses for “head, heart, and hand.” See display ad page 156. MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE CORRESPOND- ence School, 153 In stitu te PL, Chicago, 111., offers home study “Scripture Memorizing” courses. Send for free Bible Test. See dis- play ad page 151.______ ' ______________ STONY BROOK SCHOOL, STONY BROOK, Long Island, N. Y., provides boys an educa­ tion under evangelical influences. See display ad page 157. _____________________________ WINONA LAKE SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY, W inona Lake, Ind., offers summ er vacation courses, July 7 to A ugust 11. See display ad page 152.____________________________________ CONFERENCE THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES, Inc., Extension D epartm ent, 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif., to conduct th ird Summer Bible Conference a t Pacific Palisades, Calif., August 28 to Septem ber 6 . See display ad page 122 . DENTAL FASTEETH, NEW, GREATLY IMPROVED powder for plates. See display ad page 148. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES HOOKER S ELECTRIC SHOP, 700 W. SIXTH St., Los Angeles, Calif. E lectrical m erchan- dise. See display ad page 151.________________ EVANGELISTS DESIRE TO FILL NEEDY PULPITS WITHIN auto distance of Pasadena. Fundam ental. W rite H arold H ettem a, 2184 Glen Ave., Pasa- dena, Calif., for fu rth er inform ation.__________ GOSPELS AND TRACTS BIBLE INSTITUTE COLPORTAGE ASSOCIA- tion, 810 N. W ells St., Chicago, 111., will send inform ation on tra c t distribution upon request. See display ad page 157. FAITH, PRAYER AND TRACT LEAGUE, Muskegon H eights, Mich. Sample package of tra c ts, 25 cents. See display ad page 158. SCRIPTURAL ^ LEAGUE, YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, will mail free sam ples of Neglected Bible T ruthé leaflets. See display ad page 147. SILVER PUBLISHING SOCIETY, BESSEMER Bldg., P ittsburgh, Pa., publishers of sound gospel tra c ts and booklets. See display ad page 144._____j_____•r ,_______ GREETING CARDS PEASE GREETING CARDS, INC., DEPT. K., 260 Laurel St., Buffalo, N. Y. i (greeting cards for various occasions. A gèncy proposition. See display ad page ,158. WESTERN ART STUDIOS, BOX 1500, LOS Angeles, Calif. Complète line of unusual b irthday and everyday cards, and personal stationery. See display ad page 144._________ HAND-EMBROIDERED LINEN HOME OF ONESIPHORUS, 2811 N. RACINE Ave., Chicago, 111. Beautiful gifts made by children of a C hristian orphanage in China. W rite for free literature. See display ad page 147. HOTEL HOTEL WILLARD, 536-40 S. HOPE ST., LOS Angeles, Calif. C hristian hotel. Reasonable rates. See display ad page 151. INSURANCE CAREFUL AND COURTEOUS ATTENTION given to your Automobile, Fire, Burglary, Life, and Liability Insurance— only strongest companies— SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE RATES if no accident for one year or more—w rite or phone MINES, MacKEIGAN 8 c CO., 448 S. Hill St., Los Angeles. See display ad page 156. JEWISH MISSION WORK AMERICAN BOARD OF MISSIONS TO THE Jews, Inc., 31 Throop Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Extensive m ission work am ong Jews. See display ad contents page. JEW ISH DEPARTMENT, BIBLE INSTITUTE of Los Angeles, 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. A convenient channel for giving the gospel to the Jews. See display àd page 159. MISSIONARY EQUIPMENT MONTGOMERY WARD, EXPORT MISSION- a ry Unit, Chicago, 111., offers free catalogue for personal supplies and m ission equipment. See display ad page 151.

_________________M IS S IO N S _________________ THE BOLIVIAN INDIAN MISSION, INC., 113 Fulton St., New York City. Magazine describ­ ing work carried on by sixty m issionaries in Bolivia sent on request. See display ad page 157.___________ _______________________ __ CHRISTIAN MISSION TO CHURCHLESS . Communities, Room 602, 25 Broad St., New York City. Supplies the gospel to th e un- churched. See display ad page 145._________ SOUTH AFRICA GENERAL MISSION, 23 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Pioneering in uncovered territo ries in Africa. Inform ation on request. See display ad page 153. ____________ O B JE C T L E S SO N S HADDON SERVICE, BOX 164-B, FAIRFIELD, Conn. O bjectalks; being sh o rt talk s to boys and girls. The Eye, E ar and H eart Series. See display ad page 148.___________________ C. A. SCHMITT, 144 PROSPECT ST., READ- ing, Mass., offers “Oxford Illustrations of Bible T ruth,” complete w ith necessary chem- ical equipment. See display ad page 156. O R G A N IZ A T IO N M O N E Y -R A IS IN G ___________________P L A N S ________________ HARRY DOEHLA CO., FITCHBURG, MASS., will fill orders for Greeting Card A ssort­ m ents. Send for complete inform ation. See display ad page 147._______ __________________ METAL SPONGE SALES CORPORATION, Philadelphia, Pa., advertises cooperative sell- ing plan. See display ad page. 158. '•__________ __________________ O R G A N S _________________ A. L. WHITE MFG. CO., DEPT. K., 215 Englewood Ave., Chicago, 111. Pipe-tone fold­ ing organs. Free catalogue. See display ad page 154.____________ _____ •. ___________ P E N R E P A IR IN G ____________ FOUNTAIN PEN SHOP, ROOM 314 GROSSE Bldg., 124 W est 6th St., Los Angeles, Calif. Fountain Pen and Pencil g repairing. Mail orders prom ptly filled. See display ad page 147.______________________ _________ _ _ _ _ _ _________ P IA N O IN S T R U C T IO N W. EDGAR, 5719 W. HURON ST., CHICAGO, 111., teaches piano playing by “E asy Vamp Method.” See display ad page 159!. ' ___________PU B L IC S P E A K IN G NORTH AMERICAN INSTITUTE, 3601 M1CH- igan Ave., Chicago, 111., will send free booklet, “How to W ork W onders w ith W ords.” See display ad page 139. ___________.___________ _________ R E L IG IO U S P R IN T IN G BOOKLETS, TRACTS, CHURCH PAPERS. L et us p rin t your Gospel Message. Send com­ plete specifications and num ber of copies needed. The Church Press. B ernard Farson, Manager, 103 S. Kenwood, Glendale, Calif. S T E W A R D S H IP L IT E R A T U R E THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES. Inc., 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. Send for literatu re giving helpful inform ation regarding investm ent of money in Institute work. See display ad page 152. S U N D A Y -S C H O O L L IT E R A T U R E ______________A N D S U P P L IE S ___________ AMERICAN SUNDAY-SCHOOL UNION. 1816 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., offers free specimens International Uniform Lessons. See display ad page 148.____________. THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES, 325 N. I3TH St., Philadelphia, Pa., weekly publication con­ taining helps for th e Sunday-school teacher and every C hristian. See display ad page 145. UNION GOSPEL PRESS, BOX 6059, CLEVE- land, Ohio, or Berean Book Rooms, 207 W right-C allender Bldg., 405 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, Calif., offers sample pack of papers and quarterlies to Sunday-school officials. See display ad page 154. ________________ T A B E R N A C L E P IC T U R E S TWO PICTURES OF “ CAMP IN THE W ilderness an d T abernacle,” draw n to scale, including furniture. Both lithographed in colors ( 8%x l 1 ) w ith Bible ch art (20x12) one color half tone. Invaluable to teachers and students for 25c postpaid to any address. M. Paulsen, 5365 H illmont Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. ____________WALL PAPER___________ LLOYD’S, 48 W. 48TH ST., NEW YORK, carry B etter W all Papers. See display ad page 156.

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