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Celebrating Gratefulness From Chicago to Clermont

My house has been in Thanksgiving mode since early September. Emily loves to decorate, so our home was filled with pumpkins, corn stalks, and fake leaves the minute the temperature began to even slightly dip below 95 here in Florida. It’s like walking through a fall pumpkin patch in the middle of our kitchen, but it does give our home the autumn-weather feel we were used to while growing up in Chicago. Much like our Halloweens spent in jackets, our Thanksgivings were spent in pants and possibly fending off snow. Most of my Thanksgivings were spent visiting with about 40 relatives at my grandparents’ home before they passed away. After that, we rotated who hosted the holiday, not wanting to give up on the big family tradition. Meanwhile, now in Florida, we can wear shorts and not worry about the possibility of a turkey-day snowstorm. As most Floridians know, our state stays true to its sunshine-state mantra pretty much year-round. While I’m hundreds of miles away from my family this Thanksgiving, I’ve always been lucky that my wife’s family is also in Florida. Every year, about 20 people make

their way over to our humble, autumn- style abode and feast with us. Emily is the real cook of the family, but I lend a hand where I can, peeling potatoes or chopping whatever needs to be cut up. Personally, I love the turkey and the stuffing we have because they’re treats we only get once a year. We’re not going to whip up a Thanksgiving feast in March. So why not indulge in it when November rolls around? It’s always fun to see our house packed and full on Thanksgiving. Sure, we have to get up early, the turkey makes us sleepy, and hosting your wife’s whole family for a day can be exhausting. But we have family to celebrate with, a beautifully decorated home, and a lot of wonderful food to munch on. It’s a day of storytelling and catching up with my wife’s sister, mother, grandmother, and all her aunts and uncles. It’s great to see my kids get to know their extended family a little bit more each year. While I love spending Thanksgiving with my whole family, one of my favorite parts of the day is when the festivities begin to wind down. Around 5 or 6 p.m., when everyone starts to leave and bellies are full to the brim, my son and I sit down to watch some more football. We just relax,

try to avoid falling asleep, and talk about the day we just had. We bond together as father and son while we continue to eat and talk about our day. It doesn’t matter whether I spend the holiday in Chicago or Clermont; I know I’m going to have a wonderful day spent in the company of good food, great decorations, and a loving family. You can’t beat that.

-Luke Kron, PT Managing Partne



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