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Harnessing the power of a PEO

Professional employer organizations provide a comprehensive range of HR solutions and technology to help businesses gain a competitive advantage.

A s business leaders continue to face headwinds, including record numbers of employee resignations, labor shortages and economic challenges, many may feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and fatigued as they strive to keep their companies afloat. Although leaders have taken significant measures to address the needs of their companies and workforce, one of the most strategic decisions they can make is harnessing the power of a professional employer organization (PEO).

Pete Hinojosa

PEOs provide a comprehensive range of human resources solutions and technology to help businesses gain a competitive advantage. By outsourcing HR to a PEO, it not only helps businesses take care of their people, but it also provides a team of HR professionals that strategically guides and supports leaders and in-house HR practitioners. PEOs can serve as critical lifelines for companies, standing shoulder to shoulder with them to help navigate choppy waters and emerge more successful. The advantages of aligning with a PEO can be categorized into four key areas: 1. Administrative relief. As leaders face myriad employer-related tasks and tedious HR

responsibilities, little time is left to focus on other aspects of running the business. PEOs provide valuable administrative relief that enables leaders to concentrate on their areas of expertise to strategically grow the company. PEO support with HR administration includes: † † Payroll processing and administration † † Payroll tax filing on wages, including W-2s and W-4s † † Payroll record management/maintenance † † Time and attendance tracking

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