MRF's Questions to Ask Your Doctor

The Questions to Ask Your Doctor document will help you through the diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment process as a guide for conversations with your treatment team.


Diagnosis-Related Questions

Treatment-Related Questions

• Why do you think I have melanoma?

• What are my treatment options ? Would you recommend any of the immunotherapies or targeted therapies that have been approved over the last few years?

• Do I need a biopsy?

• When will I know the results?

• Will I have a scar from the biopsy?

• Which clinical trials should I consider?

• Have you checked my body for other possible lesions?

• What treatment plan do you recommend?

• Have you tested my melanoma for genetic mutations such as the BRAF mutation? What about other mutations? • What will be our “Plan B” if “Plan A” doesn’t work? • Will I receive my treatment here or at another center? • What are the side effects of the treatment you recommend? • How and when should I report side effects to you?

• What is my stage?

• Do I need more tests to determine my stage?

• If I need more tests, what will they be?

• How will you determine if the cancer has spread?

• Has the cancer spread to my lymph nodes?

• What type of follow-up will I need?

• Will I develop a new melanoma?

• Should I get a second opinion?

• Do I need regular scans or a brain scan?

• Will I be able to continue my normal daily life?

• Do you know what my Breslow Measurement is?

• Should I continue to see a dermatologist? How often?

• Should I get a second opinion?

• What type of follow-up care will I need?

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