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Finishing Tax Season and Getting on the Golf Course SPRING IS HERE!

After surviving another northeastern winter, there’s nothing I look forward to more than getting back on the golf course. My love affair with golf began when I was about 12 and caddied at Forsgate Country Club. My mom would drive me and a few buddies out to the course, and we’d spend the day carting around clubs for the golfers; we even got to take a few swings ourselves when the club hosted caddy days. Those were good summers filled with hard work and countless rounds of golf. Now I play golf at a relatively new course, Black Oak. Sometimes my son will join me, but he’s currently busy being a new dad to our first grandchild, Owen. (Owen update: He’s still a happy, healthy little boy!) Since I started playing, I like to think my game has improved, and one day recently I even scored in the 80’s. It was a proud moment for me, though that doesn’t happen all the time. I’m just excited when I get to be on the course enjoying the beautiful weather. While I wish I could spend more of my days golfing, springtime also brings another important season — though this one might not sound as fun. Tax season is just wrapping up this April, and with it, the first season of taxes since the newest tax law changes. These changes are the biggest tax law reforms since 1986. “I’m urging all of my clients to set up a time for their spring reviews. These reviews help you keep track of your financial plans, and they provide regular check-ins on the status of your portfolio and investments.”

In the midst of these changes, I’m urging each of my clients to pay close attention to how their tax outcomes fared in the 2019 tax-filing season. For example, did you pay less taxes this year, or did

you have something impact your taxes that you didn’t anticipate? Are there some things that we could be doing together to help you lower your taxes next year? Do you need to

adjust some variables in your life? These are things people should consider every year, but with this year’s new tax laws, it’s even more significant.

As your life changes, it’s important to consider the ways in which your financial outlook and taxes are impacting your goals. The plans you have for your life could stay the same, but the path that will get you there and the nuances you have to keep track of could change. Your taxes are just one component that could impact your financial plans, especially with this year’s changes. This is why I’m urging all of my clients to set up a time for their spring reviews. These reviews help you keep track of your financial plans, and they are a regular check-in on the status of your portfolio and investments. Laws about taxes may change, but they shouldn’t stop you from working toward achieving your goals. Let’s make sure you’re still on the right track. Call or email Brybeck Financial today to set up your spring review, and I hope you’re back outside enjoying our wonderful northeastern spring. See you on the golf course! —Brian Irving


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