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Why Aren’t You Giving Your Clients Hope?

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Sending A Message of Hope What Your Clients Need Right Now

Sometimes I dread turning on the news. In these times of political strife, world tension, and COVID-19, it can feel like there’s nothing but bad news. “If it bleeds, it leads,” the old saying goes. Even some of the most popular shows on television seem to focus mostly onmaking their audiences get angry and/ or cry each week. I think that’s why a recent commercial for Keck Medical Center of USC stood out tome somuch. The commercial opened with a clip of two people having a verbal conversation. Words appeared at the bottom of the screen that read, “This person was told they would never hear again.”Then the commercial showed a new clip of someone driving a car with the caption underneath reading, “This person was told they would never drive again.”The commercial continued with these kinds of examples, showing people able to do daily activities that would have been impossible before their treatment at Keck Medical Center. Then the last image flashed on the screen, just great big words declaring, “We Only Take the Toughest Cases.” What a great commercial! It stood out from any other commercials I’ve seen in a long time by doing something unique in this day and age: It gave people hope. Through that commercial, Keck Medical Center was able to speak directly to people experiencing a serious medical crisis and tell them, “We can help you. Your future can be brighter.”This message of hope is a powerful thing, and I started to think about how our members could replicate it for their businesses. Picture this: The commercial opens with the words, “Ryan was told he would never be able to own a bank account again.”Then we see a man walking proudly into a bank to conduct business. The next image reveals, “Debbie was told she would never be able to own a house again.”Then we see a woman getting the keys and walking into her brand-new home. Follow that with the words “We Only Take the Toughest Cases”before cutting to the celebrity spokesperson or the tax resolution expert giving a message of hope to people who have IRS problems. When it comes to marketing, the long-standing advice is to use fear or target people’s pain points to convince them that they need you. I often used the same strategy when I

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was in the tax resolution business. But today, it’s a good time to send a message of hope. People need hope right now, and besides that, marketing your message with hope will help you stand out from the crowd. Luckily, I don’t need treatment at Keck Medical Center, but it was inspiring to hear their message.

“But today, it’s a good time to send a message of hope. People need hope right now, and besides that, marketing your message with hope will help you stand out from the crowd.”

In order to be successful in marketing, you must pay attention to the marketing around you, even when it’s not for your industry. Some of the best marketing ideas I had came outside the tax industry. Look at what’s working and what isn’t working and use that knowledge for your marketing. Even if you don’t have the budget for a TV commercial, you can use that message in your other methods of marketing. If I was still doing tax resolution myself, I would have gone to the studio right after watching that Keck Medical Center commercial and taped one for my audience.

With the IRS stepping up enforcement, the coronavirus, and fears of the future of the economy, people need hope nowmore than ever. What message of hope can you give to your clients?

–Michael Rozbruch

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