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Being a Responsible Pet Owner

A Month Dedicated To Being a Good Pet Parent

February is a short month with a lot going on. The month kicks off with Groundhog Day on Feb. 2, then the very next day is the biggest sports event of the year: Super Bowl LIII. Valentine’s Day is two weeks later on Feb. 14. It’s a month that can go by in the blink of an eye, and then the next thing you know, we’re in the middle of March! But February is also Responsible Pet Owners Month — a little-known awareness campaign built around the idea of being better pet owners. It’s a month dedicated to pet care, safety, and overall responsibility.

meal, chicken by-product meal, or sugar, you’ve found fillers. The longer the ingredient list, the worse it usually is. You want to see simple ingredient lists that are easy to understand and contain “whole” ingredients, like chicken or turkey meal, whole eggs, fish meal, and so on. Some dog foods even contain carrots, peas, and brown rice — all ingredients that contribute to a healthy, protein-rich diet. Grooming is another thing to keep in mind. Some animals do need our help when it comes to taking care of their hair, teeth, and nails. For instance, many dogs and cats shed a lot in response to a change in season, such as colder weather (though shedding can vary by breed, not just location). They grow a thicker coat and then come spring, there’s hair everywhere! It’s important to either groom your pet yourself or take them to a groomer. It’s incredibly important to get your pet acclimated and trained for grooming when they’re younger. That way, as they grow up, they remain calm during a grooming session, whether it’s just combing or a bath. And don’t forget to brush your pet’s teeth! Just like us, their teeth can accumulate plaque and they can get cavities, which can lead to infection. Next time you’re at the vet, ask them about your pet’s dental hygiene. In most cases, the best way to take care of it is to brush their teeth at least once a week. These are just some small ways to be a more responsible pet owner. This month, think about other ways you can be a better human for your pets, whether you have dogs, cats, lizards, birds, rodents, or all of the above!

For instance, one of the most important aspects of owning a pet is spaying and neutering. It’s a sad fact that there are millions of dogs and cats that end up homeless because their owners can’t take care of them. A big reason for this is because they didn’t spay or neuter their pets and ended up with a litter (or two) of puppies or kittens that they didn’t know what to do with. Another great way to be a better pet owner is to feed your pets a proper diet. Just like people, pets of all kinds need good nutrition to thrive. Their version of a balanced diet is different than ours, but it’s also important to ensure their diet isn’t low-quality filler — the equivalent of a high-carb, high-sugar diet in humans.

There are a lot of pet foods on the market that are full of filler. If you see ingredients like ground whole grain corn, corn meal, soybean

–Gregory Herrman




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