EVO Delta Factsheet 18th Dec 2019

7.15am - Venue Doors Open ( doors are closed un$l 7.15am )

7.30am - Mee1ng Starts with Open Networking over Coffee & Tea

7.45am - Guests Seated to eat Breakfast

8.00am - Welcome from Guest Leader, Jamie Breese

8.05am - 45 Second Intro Rounds with each Member/Guest

8.45am - Comfort Break/ Set-Up 1-to-1s

8.50am - Member Presenta`on from Jonathan Atkinson

9.05am - 1-to-1s Round 1

9.15am - 1-to-1s Round 2

9.25 am - EVO - why, where, what? Invite to Join from EVO Founder Jamie Breese

F ormal End of Mee1ng and Open Networking

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