EVO Delta Factsheet 18th Dec 2019

Please Bring:

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our EVO Group mee`ng. This mee`ng is held at Masons Restaurant in Tracy Park.

business cards (ideally 25+)

- - -

a notebook

prep a 45 second intro about yourself

Please be sure to read this important 7- page Factsheet.

Your Group Leader today is Jamie Breese

** Arrival Time - PLEASE NOTE

PLEASE NOTE - the venue doors open at 7.15am - please be sure to `me your arrival accordingly. You can wait in the Drawing Room/Bar Area un`l then.

When You Arrive

Visi1ng Guests: On arrival you will be greeted by our Guest Host, your name checked-off on a list and you’ll be given your namebadge . You’ll also be given 2 x 1-1 Mee1ng Cards . One is marked ‘ Mee$ng 1 ’ and the other, ‘ Mee$ng 2 ’. Please be sure to swap these Cards with 2 people in `me for your 1-1 mee`ngs. You also will be asked to place your mobile on silent and invited to network un`l over a drink un`l we start - when you’ll be seated ready for a formal welcome.


Parking is easy and free inside the venue



Address: Tracy Park Bath Road | Wick BS30 5RN

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