Ingham County Absentee Bid form


When you place an absentee bid, you authorize Bippus to bid on your behalf up to the limit of your bid. Bippus will execute your bid to the best of our ability, but we will not be held responsible if circumstances prevent us from doing so. The buyer agrees to deposit with Bippus $ 2,000.00 , in Certified Funds, made payable to Bippus, funds should be sent to BippusUSA .com , Attn: Karen, 11811 Anchor Lane, Three Rivers, MI 49093 , along with completed form and must be received no later than 2 days prior to auction end . These funds to be held as a good faith deposit in making this agreement. The deposit will be refunded if you are not the successful high bidder, with no further obligation. If you are the successful high bidder, you agree to complete the transaction. You further agree to all terms and conditions of the auction. Note: There is a 12% buyer’s premium in effect. 12% of the high bid will be added and a $30.00 process fee, per property purchased, to determine the selling price.


$10,000.00 Bid $ 1,200.00 Buyer’s Premium $ 30.00 Process Fee $11,230.00 Sale Price

The Sale Price of $11,230.00 would be due immediately at the end of the auction, either by wire transfer (additional fees for wire transfers will be applied, at a minimum cost of $50.00) or overnight mail (preferred). The absentee bid deposit will be applied to this amount, leaving the balance due of $9,230.00. In the event the buyer fails to complete all of the terms & conditions mentioned above, they forfeit their deposit. This will not relieve them of civil or criminal action.

The county:


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The buyer agrees to an Open bidding of: $

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Bippus is a representative of the seller. Terms of our agreement with the seller authorizes us to enter into this agreement with the buyer and keep the dollar amounts strictly confidential.

By signing below the absentee bidder agrees to all of the terms & conditions of the auction.

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