In The Bag July 2018


It’s Not About the Money

July 2018

It’s About Freedom

I’ve also seen how different parts of the world live, and that’s been another wake-up call for me. Not everyone around the world enjoys the freedoms we do. When I adopted my son from Guatemala, I met people who didn’t have running water or electricity. When I realized that my normal compared to many other people’s is exceptional, it was a lightbulb moment. I have so much to be grateful for. Freedom comes with the ability to choose — to choose how to live, how to create an impact, and how to let other people have an impact on your life. It brings to mind the image of someone treading water: If I’m just trying to keep my head above water, it’s very difficult to focus on creating meaningful contributions or having an impact on others. I’m in survival mode. With every level of freedom I’ve been granted, there is a component of choice and opportunity involved. It seems like the more freedom I have, the more opportunities are available to positively influence others. I’m intentional about seeking freedom to make a better life for myself, my family, and my team. Despite the poster above my desk, I still sometimes forget to be grateful for all the liberties I’ve been granted. It’s easy to adjust to my individual norms and forget to be grateful for all I have. The national holiday this month is a good reminder for me. It’s one of those family- and-friends, feel-good holidays, and you can’t help but soak up some of that happiness. How lucky are we to get to spend a day with our loved ones? On the Fourth, Aram and I will spend the day with the kids, just enjoying the freedom to be together. We’ll watch fireworks from our back patio — the kids love watching the display. We’re very fortunate to live where we do. At a minimum, I encourage you to take a day, holiday, or weekend to appreciate your independence and the freedoms you have.

For Dave, it’s all about the FREEDOM!

Above my desk at work, there’s a poster that serves as a daily reminder of what’s important: “It’s not the money I’m after,” it reads, “it’s the freedom.” I love that word — freedom. It’s among my top three favorite words. Isn’t it what we’re all after? It’s the freedom to spend more time with family, to choose how we spend our time, to live where we want to live, and to be with our loved ones. I’ll be honest — there have been times when I’ve taken freedom for granted. Our national holiday this month brings it back into focus. As I get older, I see more and more clearly the sacrifices that others have made in order for us to sleep soundly in our homes at night. There are many people we have to thank for our freedom, such as those who have served in the armed forces. As we watch fireworks go off on the Fourth, we’ll think of them.

Happy Fourth of July,


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