Summer 1992

Vol. 2, NO.3

Focusing on a Practical Approach ... Bio-Pharm "Task Force" Formed A n international "Product Management" team has recently been formed to drive forward World Courier's success in the bio-medi– "Basically, we want to examine everything that has worked worldwide from a marketing point of view, put it all together, and eliminate the activities which have not been as effective," says Dennis. "We want to define the true target markets and , as a group, identify where the best business potential lies." cal/pharmaceutical industries.

The group will be instrumental in the effective development of this very important sector in the future . As company President Wayne Heyland explains, "the sales and marketing direction for the pharmaceutical/med ical/biolog ical industries requires a high level of targeting since the market is both large and fragmented ." Headed by Dennis Tselentis of the U.S., other members of the team include Noel Foucart (Belgium), Klaus Hachmann (Germany), and John Butler (Canada). The primary mandate of the group is to coordinate the worldwtde 'sales and marketing strategies required to ensure success in the sector.

Dennis Tselentis

"Our ultimate goal," continues Dennis, "is to help each office be successful in their own environ– ments and to help establish practical techniques to approach this market." While the core group must remain small to be effective, every office's past experiences in this area is highly valued. Consequently, a question– naire was recently circulated to all stations re– questing input on their current sales strategies. The completed questionnaires will help form the basis of future sales and marketing strategies. Using this international communication as a spring– board, the group hopes to ultimately develop a worldwide strategy of mail campaigns, trade show participation, and association membership which will be both productive and cost effective. Following the very successful Medica '91 Conference held in Dusseldorf last November, the next joint trade show effort is scheduled for Basel, Switzerland where the Orug Information Euromeeting will take place in October 1992.

Noel Foucart

Klaus . Hachmann

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John Butler

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