Governors Ball Music Festival When: May 31st – June 2nd, 2019 Where: Randall’s Island, New York City, NY, USA


Our Top American Music Festivals picks for the Summer of

Why: Well for starters the festival was started 10 years ago to give New Yorkers who loved music a music festival that had something for everyone and the Governors Ball Music Festival does just that with over 60 talented artists covering all genres on 4 stages. Governors Ball Music Festival works with local charities, community organizations, and civic partners as festival organizers believe it is their responsibility as a music festival, and as New Yorkers to give back to the great city that hosts the annual festival. Taking place on Randall’s Island, the festival is located right in the city using the famed New York skyline as a background and setting allowing festival goers to explore the city after the headliner closes the main stages each day. With an amazing location and a star-studded lineup this year is why we have selected the Governors Ball as a one of our top picks for Summer Music Festivals in 2019 as it is one the US’s most respected, talked about, hyped, and sought-after music festivals and one that you should have on your bucket list as a festival goer or a business looking to gain exposure for your brand as it is hard to beat the Big Apple.

Festival organizers battle every year to get the best in musical talent for their events and are adding more and more value and better venues every year to keep you and your vacation money coming back.

We also know that there are a lot of festivals out there looking for your dollar whether it is for ticket sales or corporate sponsorship for these events.

So regardless of which side of the border you reside or work on, if you are looking to head south of the border to promote your brand or just enjoy some spectacular artist line-ups, these are our top picks for music festivals for the Summer of 2019. You will find something in here that will fit all demographics and musical tastes show- casing the best the music industry has to offer in some of the most amazing venues to enjoy the performing artists.

For more information on Governors Ball Music Festival: https://www.governorsballmusicfestival. com/ Ticket Prices: $115.00 USD - $2,190.00 USD Follow on Twitter: @govballnyc

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