MGP: We started off by having our distributors and vendors do a lot of that work for us. They would be doing their advertising, whether by print or online and it was great early on. We also attend a lot of industry shows and go to SEMA every year. We participate in numerous automotive shows across the US throughout the year to increase local awareness while having a physical presence in different areas. The last couple years we have been pushing brand awareness online along with a revamped digital marketing and advertising strategy that is really taking off for us. I feel we are absolutely heading in the right direction and as I said before, barely scratching the surface. We do a lot of social media work now, and Google is amazing for us as well. All the brand awareness online has made a huge difference for

information on how to install the caliper covers herself! It just goes to show that anybody with a vehicle is a potential customer which means we are barely scratching the surface of our potential here. People across the US are buying caliper covers from Cali- fornia to Texas to New York. The average age for our customer base is between 22-55 for the majority but can easily be higher or lower as well depending on the region and vehicle type. But the customer base is really anybody including men and women, young and old, in warm and cold weather, it is truly across the board which is incred- ible. How are you getting the word out there and letting people know that you exist and you want to make their cars look better?

us and really improved our brand authority and reputation which is vital for a business to maintain continued growth. Down the road, Amazon is going to be huge for us and we have some big plans including some TV features on the Velocity channel which is strictly automotive, guest appearances on relevant auto- motive radio shows and of course having this cover story in Spotlight on Business Magazine! Over the next few years, our goal is to continue rapid growth in the US through all the channels I mentioned and eventually work our way into inter- national markets where MGP Caliper Covers can really take off to another level of success. What do you do about people who come to you with an odd antique vehicle or something you haven’t worked on before? MGP: That falls into the “hot rod” category, and we can work with that but it tends to be something where the customer must call us directly. We will e-mail them a template and they will have to take some measurements and maybe shoot a couple of pictures to us so that we can figure it out. But we deal with hot-rodders directly all the time. Are there other people out there doing what you do? MGP: We virtually have no competition. No one else is silly enough to do all this work! First of all, I have a patent on the attachment system. And secondly, we cover so many vehicles that it would be difficult for anyone else to take on this project. And we’ve been doing it for over 10 years. Our whole goal is to give people some color and distinction behind the wheel while providing some added benefits like significantly reducing brake dust and dissipating brake heat by 15-30 degrees. We make it easy for them to order the exact set of

caliper covers they want for their car. We want to make it simple and we have a great product for the $200 price range. It’s a great enhancement to the visual effect on a car for that kind of money.





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