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SIX ANGRY WOMEN In 1984, Auckland university lecturer and playwright Mervyn Thompson was kidnapped, beaten, tortured, and left chained to a tree by six women who accused him of being a rapist. His abductors claimed that he’d actually raped “three or four” women, but no one laid a police complaint. Thompson was never charged with rape, but he suffered for his alleged crime. The women who assaulted him were never caught – their identities remain a mystery to this day. The incident was deeply divisive and triggered fierce debates about gender politics and vigilante justice around the country. Six Angry Women reopens the cold case over thirty-five years later and tries to find out who the women were – and what motivated them to take such unprecedented action. Using previously unseen archives and interviews with key players, many of whom have not spoken publicly before, this documentary explores the story behind one of the most sensational headlines of the 80s. TVNZ1 SPECIAL 8:30 MONDAY 8TH  SEE MORE


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