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Does conquering the ocean still thrill you as much today as it did back then? Not so much conquering the ocean as chang- ing people’s minds about what women and girls are capable of. Sailing gave me a platform that gives me the opportunity to fight for equality. Someone asked me the other day what I would want my legacy to be, and I believe it should say: “She fought until her dying breath for equality”. Anything less will not be good enough. FINDOUTABOUT, AND SUPPORT, THE MAIDEN FACTOR  SEE MORE

government, business and industry. That 50 per cent of the world’s population still has to fight for equal rights is unforgivable, but we fight on, and those of us with voices fight for women and girls without. Much of the footage in the film focuses on fighting the ‘boys clubs’ that surrounded the sport of ocean racing at the time. Is that still apparent today, for example with the America’s Cup? As exciting as the America’s Cup is, it has of course almost entirely reverted to being a ‘boys’ club’ and, sadly, comes across as extremely exclusive. It encapsulates every- thing that everyone outside sailing thinks it is. As sailors we enjoy watching the competition, but when women and the general public feel excluded from an element of sport, it’s a shame for that sport. Even after Maiden exceeded expectations, it was still often looked upon as pure luck. Do you hope that more eyes on the documentary will help change that? They said it was luck when we won the second leg, when we won the third leg and came second overall in our class, then it dawned on everyone that we could compete on a level playing field. Bob Fisher summed it up so well when he said “Not just a tin full of tarts. A tin full of smart, fast tarts!” I know we shouldn’t, but we loved that. People really did seem to change their minds – for a while. I was amazed to hear that Maiden is still currently sailing around the world, empowering and mentoring girls. Do you ever join the crew on any of the legs? Maiden visited New Zealand in 2018 whilst on her three-year world tour as a Global Ambas- sador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education. We are temporarily on hold until things are a bit more normal again, but we love The Maiden Factor project, and are pas- sionate about what we do, so we will keep going as long as it takes. I have been to some of the stopovers but haven’t done any legs yet. I am more than happy to run things from shore and keep everything going.


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