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An unstoppable force, Pietra Brettkelly is the award-winning filmmaker, director, writer and producer of documentaries such as Yellow Is Forbidden , A Flickering Truth and Maori Boy Genius . In the world of COVID the internationally-celebrated filmmaker is still working, remotely with teams, on inspired projects around the world. She talks with Hélène Ravlich. WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING? WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? PIETRA BRETTKELLY THE NEW STORIES BEING TOLD

What have you been watching lately, while based in beautiful O¯ hope? Well I’m lucky enough to be a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which means I’m an Oscar voter. Being down here at the bottom of the world, and away from many of my compatriots in the film industry, it’s helping me stay connected; when I get a new link to watch [a submission], I still feel part of the community. I’m seeing what is being made internationally, the new stories being told. We’re down to the short list now and the other day I watched an incredible short film called The Hunger Ward , which moved me so greatly. I think it’ll win an Oscar, it really is the most affecting and beautiful film. It’s about the war in Yemen, told through the eyes of a hospital

ward where children are literally dying of hunger.

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