University of Tasmania Sustainability Bulletin Issue 4 2018

Sustainability Bulletin

Issue 4 | September - October 2018

Sustainability Survey Results

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Sustainability interns took (Mumford’s) pride of place at the Open Days in Hobart and Launceston in August. The stalls and interns were organised by Varu Jayaseelan (SIPS Fellow) and supported by Sustainability Officers Carmen Primo Perez and Catherine Elliott. Feedback was positive in the engagement of students, parents and other staff members in conversations about sustainability in general and on campus. Ideas and comments received focused on topics of reducing plastic waste, composting facilities and divesting from fossil fuels. Sustainability friendly Fairtrade chocolates in compostable wrappers were the rewards for those sharing their thoughts at the stall. Varu said “it was a fun, active and high impact day where we were able to spread our passion towards sustainability through our stories.” Open Day reflections

Falling Trash competition results 6-26 August 2018

Total players 49 Max score




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Total games played 420 One participant played 147 times! *Falling Trash is an app developed by a 2017 ICT student project group

Simple Actions Towards Sustainability For updates, including Sustainability Committee information, news and events:

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