University of Tasmania Sustainability Bulletin Issue 4 2018





1. Creating Impact category – ITS 2. Campus Health, Food & Drink – Source Wholefoods Cooperative (Sandy Bay campus) 3. ACTS Award of Excellence (Student) – Rachel Hay

Green Impact update and auditing course opportunity Our Green Impact Program is underway with information sessions run across the state in July and August for the seven Green Impact teams participating in our pilot program in 2018! Great to see that we have 32 staff across 20 different areas, both professional and academic, both student and non-student facing. Participants are from a diverse range of areas including Philosophy, Architecture, Campus Services, Health and Communicable Diseases, Student Mobility, UTAS Life, the English Language Centre, the TUU, Chemistry and the Sustainability Team (ISD). We welcomed two SIPS interns, Will Plaister in the North and Jia Bao (Renee) in the South, to support Green Impact teams during the program. Will and Renee will also be joining our team evaluations on the 20 November 2018. The University joins nine Universities and 18,000 people across Australia and New Zealand taking part in 2018. Internationally 162 organisations are participating this year and have achieved over 85,000 sustainability actions. If you have any questions about the program or would like more information, our Green Impact Coordinator is available on Wednesdays to meet and support your teams.

Semester 2 Projects

Sustainability Integration Program for Students

Carla Bruinsma

Source project

Ella Hilder

SIPS Fellow – intern support Organic waste at UTAS Bike workshop on campus

Francisco Guerrero

Isabella Ermacora (Issy)

James Sayer

Engagement (North) Green Impact support

Jia Bao (Renee)

Kotaro Takano (Taka)


Nhi Pham Joy Pfleger

Divestment analysis Sustainable Labs

Varunjani Jayaseelan

Events and Engagement

Green Impact Coordinator Catherine Elliott

Re-use program for students - accommodation

Zhu Wenting

William Plaister Yan (Enya) Peng

Green Impact support Divestment analysis

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