University of Tasmania Sustainability Bulletin Issue 4 2018

Teaching sustainability across the curriculum

In 2018, 77% of respondents noted that they agreed, to some level, that sustainability is relevant across all areas of the curriculum (74% in 2016 survey).

Many students in 2018 (67%), much like in 2016, are ambivalent or perceive a lack of coverage of sustainability within their selected course.

In 2018, as in 2016, most respondents (74%) disagreed or were again ambivalent regarding the statement that ‘The University is very innovative in its approach to teaching about sustainability’. Staff Survey highlights Written Comments – Key Themes "What is the main thing stopping you from taking that action?“ (see appendix document “All written comments” for full comments)

Staff were asked what the main barriers were in taking personal action to decrease the environment impact of their direct work activities. The table to the right outlines key themes of responses given.

Key Themes

Lack of control and mandate Budget Nothing/Don't Know Time & priorities Support & commitment of other people incl… Policies and processes Habit/Forgetting/Personal Preference Practicality, necessity, job requirements Facilities, technology & infrastructure

Currents efforts to imbed sustainability within the University.

Overall, staff are committed to sustainability and see it as something of importance for themselves and UTAS to pursue. There was also a substantial jump in the perception of the overall effort UTAS is making towards sustainability, whereby UTAS is now above the average, compared with other universities, on this measure.







Approximate number of responses


Developed and conducted by Awake Consulting, the survey was built around a range of Sustainability Culture Indicators which measure the degree to which sustainability is individually and organisationally enabled. UTAS still trails its university counterparts on most enablers, suggesting that there is still some way to go in providing the support mechanisms required for staff to fully embrace sustainability.

Staff see sustainability is being increasingly supported and led by leaders than in the previous survey.

Sustainability Culture Indicator – UTAS 2018

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In summary , UTAS appears to have embedded sustainability in its culture more successfully since 2016. This has been driven by an increased strategic focus and leadership. While headed in the right direction, to catch up with the norm for the university sector, further improvements are needed in providing both organisational support mechanisms and staff empowerment and support.

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