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RIALTO CHANNEL PREMIERES REEL PEOPLE. TRUE STORIES. THROUGHOUT JULY. RIALTO SELECTION  SEE MORE PREMIERE FILMS EVERY SATURDAY AT 8:30. I Am Woman Helen Reddy’s rise from broke solo mum to global superstar & feminist inspiration. 3rd Kursk political obstruction leaves survivors trapped after “unsinkable” 2000 K-141 submarine disaster. Colin Firth, Léa Seydoux, Max von Sydow. 10th Seberg French New Wave film icon Jean Seberg – yet another Civil rights sympathiser targeted by Hoover's FBI in the 1960s. Kristen Stewart. 17th Shirley renowned horror writer Shirley Jackson cultivates a young couple for inspiratiion. Thrilling psycho-drama. Elisabeth Moss. 24th Peterloo 1819 massacre where British forces attacked a peaceful pro-democracy rally in Manchester. Directed by Mike Leigh. 31st + Mike Leigh retrospective 8:30 Wednesdays RIALTO PRESENTS  SEE MORE RIALTO BRITISH  SEE MORE SUNDAY PREMIERES AT 8:30 RIALTO DOCUMENTARY  SEE MORE THURSDAY PREMIERES AT 8:30 This month: Inside Sports Liverpool FC: The End of the Storm inside story of the 2019/20 Premier League-winning season. 1st Oceans Apart: Greed, Betrayal & Pacific Rugby 8th – PLUS see feature interview page 19 Busby iconic Manchester United manager. 15th The Russian Five 1980s players from the USSR create an American ice hockey revolution. 22nd Strokes of Genius Federer vs Nadal, &Wimbledon 2008: the greatest tennis match ever played. 29th RIALTO WORLD  SEE MORE MONDAY PREMIERES AT 8:30 The best of independent international film and filmmakers. This month: Reel People. True Stories. RIALTO FILM  SEE MORE This month: In Honour of the Cannes Film Festival



SKY MOVIES PREMIERE  SEE MORE PREMIERE FILMS AT 8:30 Escape from Pretoria two white South Africans, imprisoned for working with the ANC, are determined to escape from the notorious Pretoria Prison. Daniel Radcliffe. Friday 9th More to watch: Ride Like a Girl, 4th; Spontaneous, 5th; Tenet,11th; Babyteeth, 14th; Jungleland, 25th; How to Build a Girl, 28th SKY ARTS  SEE MORE The Prophet and the Space Aliens why is a story about a man who talked to a burning bush more acceptable than the story of a man who received a prophecy from extra-terrestrials? Thought-provoking, but light-hearted, documentary about the Raëlian ‘UFO’ religion. 8pm, Saturday 3rd The Black Power Mixtape 1967–1975 a mosaic of images, music & words, chronicling the rise of a movement, using footage shot by Swedish journalists. 7pm, Thursday 8th Photos That Changed the World how history was made. 7:45, Thursdays from 15th Upstage a dress rehearsal for a musical goes horribly wrong... NZ film, 8:30, Monday 26th VICE  SEE MORE VICE Versa: College Sports, Inc college sports makes a lot of people rich – just not the student-athletes. Host Jeremy Bloom, pro-football player & Olympic skier, is on a personal mission to expose the NCAA system that wronged him, and seek justice against the exploitation of young athletes. 7:30, Tues 6th  SEE MORE

Seberg Rialto Selection Saturday 17th

The Black Power Mixtape 1967–1975 Sky Arts Thursday 8th

VICE Versa: College Sports, Inc VICE Tuesday 6th

Strokes of Genius Rialto Documentary Thursday 29th

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