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XXXII SUMMER OLYMPICS, 23RD JULY–8TH AUGUST The Olympic Games have always been about numbers. The motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” doesn’t mean much without seconds, meters and kilos. How fast? How high? How strong? Prepare to find out as over 11,000 athletes – with over 200 repesenting New Zealand – go for gold. Sky is the official broadcaster for Tokyo 2020 (the established Olympic year has been retained in the name) and is offering twelve Olympic channels with live content everyday, noon until 2 am. There will also be a 24-hour Olympic news channel. You can catch all the action on Sky Sport (on your Sky Box), and stream coverage on Sky Go and Sky Sport Now. The Sky Olympic Video Player app will make content from every event at the Games available to Sky Sport customers. Coverage and analysis will be presented by the ‘away’ team Rikki Swannell, Storm Purvis, Kirstie Stanway and Kristina Eddy, with the ‘home’ side captained by Stephen McIvor, alongside Laura McGoldrick and Goran Paladin. TVNZ is an Olympics broadcast partner and will be showing 12 hours of free to air coverage each day on TVNZ 1. Presenters Toni Street, Scotty Stevenson and former Olympian Sarah Cowley Ross will be focusing on live events featuring Kiwi athletes, with delayed coverage of other highlights and special moments. Other free access content will be available on Sky Sport’s YouTube channel. Kiwis competing are confirmed in swimming, rowing, cycling, canoe/kayak, rugby 7s, diving, football, gymnastics, hockey, rugby, equestrian, track and field, sailing, golf, boxing, surfing, shooting, weightlifting, taekwondo, triathlon. Check out Sky’s Olympic Games webpage for more details. TOKYO 2020 OLYMPICS  SEE MORE  Featured interviews with Rikki Swannell on page 34, + double Olympic gold medalist Mahé Drysdale page 14

Halston, 27th

New Zealand Olympic medalists , at right, from top: Peter Snell, triple gold; Paul MacDonald, quadruple gold, & Ian Ferguson, triple gold; Danyon Loader double gold; Valerie Adams, double gold. Tokyo Olympics Sky presenters , above from left: Laura McGoldrick, Goran Paladin, Stephen McIvor, Kirstie Stanway, Storm Purvis & Rikki Swannell.

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