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I know nothing about the world of cryptocurrency and some of it goes over my head, but I’m enjoying it. I’m waiting for the new seasons of Succession and Sex Education which were held up by Covid, and I’m an avid watcher of The Chase . And with Tokyo’s stinking hot summer months in mind, what on earth are you planning on wearing while you are there covering the Games? Definitely shorts and t shirts, and my hairdresser – who is Japanese – warned me about their random summer downpours and told me to stock up on disposable rain ponchos. And of course the main thing we’ll all be wearing is a selection of masks, every day and everywhere. Our production manager has allocated us all five per day, and although it won’t make for particularly glamorous TV, at least I only have to think about eye makeup and hair! SKY SPORT OLYMPIC GAMES COVERAGE 23RD JULY THROUGH TO 8TH AUGUST  SEE MORE

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