Newsletter - Feb 2018

Board of Governors

The Official Newsletter of Seven Oaks Country Club

February 2018 Volume 25, Issue 2

Bruce Barnhard - President Neetu Jhaj - Secretary Mitch Bronson

The Seven Oaks Scene

Harvey Campbell Tom Christenson

Dan Corriea Mary Fritzen Derek Holdsworth Dick Wurster Bruce Powelson - CFO

Clubster is the first private mobile communication app designed exclusively for Seven Oaks members. You can access links to fitness schedules, menus, etc. and you will get “posts” from the Club about events and news, we will share photos and videos of activities, you will get ‘alerts’ about any cancellations of classes or frost delays… in essence it is ‘Facebook’ for Club members and is totally private to Seven Oaks members only. You can ‘friend’ your friends at the club who are on the app and create ‘groups’ and talk privately. From the Calendar you can look up events and once they are enabled, you can RSVP (or even cancel your RSVP) and you will get an email confirmation. Clubster is actually very cool and once it starts to take off, it will get even better. We highly recommend installing Clubster - get started by downloading the app from the links below **. If you have any trouble, we can help you out.

Visit our website at m

Let’s Get Mobile… and Social! (click on the icons to get started)

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** Invitations for Clubster have only been sent to emails that we have on file in our Jonas Club Management system. If you did not receive an invitation or Clubster says your email in not valid, please call the Receptionists at 664-6404 and they will be more than happy to send you an invitation.

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