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HOW THINGS CHANGE What Makes the Season of Giving Magical

During childhood, Christmas is all about receiving. We daydream about new toys, spend hours crafting the perfect wish list, and wait in long lines so we can talk to Santa Claus in person about our presents. I have great memories of waking up early Christmas morning and running to the tree to see all the brightly wrapped gifts. Of course, as we get older, we start to understand the holiday season isn’t a time for receiving; it’s a time for giving. I never appreciated how much work my parents put into the holidays until I had a child of my own. Isabella is four years old; and, to her, Christmas is pure magic. As her father, there’s nothing better than seeing her so full of excitement and joy. My wife Danielle, and I put a lot of work into making Isabella’s Christmas special. Of course, Santa Claus still gets all the credit, but that’s just part of the magic. Giving my daughter wonderful Christmas memories is part of what makes this season so special. I see now how much my parents gave to us during the holidays. In fact, they had to work even harder because my birthday is in December. Anyone else who shares a December birthday knows how people tend to try and lump in your birthday with Christmas. As a kid, you feel slighted! Luckily, my parents

took a stand on that subject. They always made sure I had separate birthday and Christmas celebrations because they wanted me to know they cared. Their efforts were probably one of the best birthday and Christmas gifts they ever gave me; though, as a kid, I was just happy I got extra presents. The little things we do for our loved ones are what make the holiday season so memorable. Danielle and I can run ourselves ragged sometimes trying to capture the “perfect” Christmas. But it’s not really about the decorations or the presents, is it? Christmas is about being with the people we love and reminding them of that love as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. At the office, I often get to see my clients express their love for their families as they plan for retirement. Much like Christmas, our perception of retirement tends to change as we get older. When we first enter our working years, retirement seems like a golden future. Once we reach it, we can finally get out of the rat race. While retirement does mean freedom from the responsibilities of a working life, a big part of successful retirement planning involves making sure we can take care of ourselves. No one wants to see family

members forced to put their lives on hold in order to take care of their retired relatives in the event of an emergency. Retirement planning can give us and our families a sense of peace and financial freedom. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has allowed me the privilege to help them work through retirement over the years. I greatly appreciate the ongoing support and faith entrusted to me. May you and your family be blessed with optimum health, wealth, and happiness in the new year.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

–Adam Wolf, CPA, CFP ®

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