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may 2009

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highlights of this issue - Industry champion, Rushikesh Rajendra talks about companies who are able to generate good individual and collective Karma. - Raghavv Chakraaborty shares with us his take on the power of communication - Niket Karajagi throws light on managing employee mindset in today’s world

industry champion

the editor’s column The present times see employers taking great care inwho they hire,invest inandmove up to the next level.And it is a precautionary and pre-emptivemeasure that could bail an organization out of the turbulent times being faced. The current Knowledge Beans gives some pointers onhowemployers can look at certainhurdles theymay be going through. RushikeshRajendra,our industry champion, empowers employerswith the knowledge of howone produces a good individual in the industry and thereby contributes to the collective Karma of the organization. Niket Karajagi taps into the employee mindset andhowone can effectivelymould it, while Raghavv Chakraaborty shares inputs on the power that communicationwields in the connectionswemakewithpeople.


Every one today is talking about the economic crisis. Those who are in jobs are desperately holding on to them irrespective of salary revisions while others are Rushikesh is a strong believer and practitioner of metaphysical and spiritual learning in corporate world. He has implemented these techniques to see individuals, teams and business units move forward and register growth. He has also seen these practices failing when oriented solely towards selfish motives. With an experience of seventeen years of working in Government Sector and four years in Corporate Sector, he realizes that a lot needs to be done in Corporate Governance in the light of Corporate Karma.

doing well for themselves.Some companies are struggling hard tomaintain the pace of growth while others continue to do well. One is thus encouraged to take a closer look towards this interesting phenomenon. Well meaning and‘Karmikally’good companies (companies who are able to generate good individual and collective Karma) have used this situation to: 1. Identify under / non performers and downsized their teams 2. Bringing senior level resources under crosswire and in some cases laying them off 3. Putting new recruitment on hold till such time this cleansing is done 4. Re-looking at their business strategies and evolving newer models to keep on the drive Wisdom say the root cause of all downturns remains the same always - the cycle of “Greed” followed by “Fear”. This Greed Factor triggered the avalanche of slow down resulting into all round fear. All, including governments have worked overtime to arrest this Fear Factor.This is to ensure a minimum time period of the Greed < > Fear cycle. A close view of companies doing well will clearly show the Law of Karma (Action) playing its role in totality. 1. Ethical and value based business practiced at all levels in their organization On the other hand companies which were ‘Karmikally’ not very sound have gone through hardships with many of them forced to close down business.

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2. Clear vision and mission practiced within the entire company 3. A business plan with effective risk mitigation implemented by all

The current situation is not to the liking of most of the employees since they were were long used to regular appraisals and receiving handsome variable components in addition to their salary.One would see beginning of movement of people once the positive cycle sets in.

A good start would be to look into the positives to the current situation: a. Companies are forced to re-look at their business models

b. They have started looking at their bottom linemore seriously rather than their top line c. As a result,correction to inflated (unreasonable) salary components have happened d. Expectations of high starting salaries from the prospective employees have come tomore realistic terms especially from trainees or interns e. Prayerfully,the employees will start deserving first and then desire f. This is likely to solicit long term commitments from the employees Even the company environment is now likely to bemore transformational rather than transactional of an entrepreneur who believes cause and effect phenomena ultimately prevails at all levels.

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