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power communication Raghavv Chakraaborty is an alumnus of Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce. Raghavv has a keen acumen for business and presentation skills having conducted several seminars and presentations all over India.Training has always been his passion andheenjoysimpartingit.

It is about the connection, the need to feel under- stood, the need to communicate our hopes, dreams, ideas and desires and the need to be heard.Once we understand this, we will start to connect with others. People who know how to connect are known as powerful communicators. They are successful. Think about anyone who has ever led. Think of Mahatma Gandhi; a superb communicator, conventioneer and a visionary, practically anyone who has ever thought great ideas has had to learn how to communicate the sense of greatness of these ideas. Powerful Communication is a learned skill that requires continuous development and practice. The more we apply these tools, the better we become at utilizing these skills.

The power to change is the power to communicate. Communication is what makes us powerful. “Powerful Communication is the process of conveying information from a sender to a receiver with the use of a medium in which the communicated information is understood the same way by both sender and receiver” As the definition states, it is not only exchange of ideas, thoughts or information, but also a conscious effort to understand the receipt of the same with the receiver. Powerful communication skills and strong intent work side by side, nothing gets made simply by flapping your lips. A clear understanding of who you are and what is expected from you is essential. In order to get the best of deals you need to know specifically what it is you want and what you are willing to do to achieve your goals.

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Niket Karajagi is the founder director of Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited,Pune which contributes to top corporate brands globally. He is an established international management consultant and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise & contributions. Niket is an authority on creativity & innovation, emotional intelligence and statistical methodologies apart from his operations background in understanding of management processes

Effectively Managing Employee ‘Mindset’ – the word in quotes is nothing but how a mind is programmed over the years.

The complex human mind keeps undergoing modifications. A human being behaves the way his or her values and beliefs are moulded over the years but it is important that we also know that these beliefs can undergo a change.These changes can be immediate or can be over a period of time and are purely dependant on motivators for change. Let us understand the process of change of a mind. Firstly the mind is conditioned solidly. It believes and sees what it wants to.The change thus can happen only when a person experiences a situation where his or her values and motivators are not satisfied.The mind also can get influenced easily when it is in a heightened state of emotion. This heightened state can be created through controlled situations in which the subject experiences the effect of his or her own behaviour instantly and this induces a change in the belief system.Making people go for difficult situations and making them experience their potential can be a great idea for effecting change. A mind thus experiences a change in conditioning only when motivators are triggered or pain is experienced. Training and assessment processes with effective simulations can surely create this effect. However what do we do with people who have no motivators? If a person is completely content with the situation and has no motivators then it is best not towork on the individual.Also an individual who just“wants”to dowell but does not want tomanifest it in reality through effort, is also a difficult proposition.

In my profession I have experienced that facilitators,mentors, coaches and effective feedback can surely help transformminds by creating situations of pleasure and pain to effect a positive change.

Are you and your organization investing a sincere effort to transform mindsets? If you are, then your teams would surely perform even in the most trying times. After all an organization is nothing but an outcome of collective mindsets.

bean statement

A mind that is like a controlled arrow shall surely reach its target

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